Incubus journal

If exclusivity is within the free will of both parties, it should have been stated in the letter. Was it? And exclusivity can mean different things. Love exclusive, sex exclusive or both.

I have, as an example, exclusivity in relationship and love, but my spirit spouses wouldn’t mind for me to meet other women, if they’re allowed to be a part of it to harvest the energies. I have no problem sharing that with them.

We don’t own exclusivity to anyone, including spirits. However, just like respect, it’s something to be earned through the will of everyone involved.


I’m redoing the letter, and asking for another spouse as well (although I feel he’s already here) . We got things straight yesterday. I’d also like to publicly express apologies for my fury; I have a history of heart breaks. Indeed it is a lesson learned; to be very specific and leave no detail out.