Incubi/Succubi in human form

I’ve had a recent and strange experience where I’ve met a man a physical man with uncanny resemblance to my spirit lover down to his mannerisms tone of voice profession personality etc

It is very confusing

I also have amazing sexual chemistry with him although at the moment we are just friends and haven’t slept together (you don’t always have to sleep with someone to tell the chemistry is there)

I didn’t meet this person until a year and a half after striking up my relationship with my spirit lover. So it’s not as though my dreams were influenced by this person.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar experience? Do you think your incubi or succubi could be bringing this person to you as a means of being with you physically in this realm?

Curious and look forward to your experiences


I think that this is definitely interesting! It could very well be what you think it is, and if it’s not, I’m not quite sure what to say. But be careful, though— you don’t want to upset your succubus/incubus in case it isn’t.

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So far my spirit lover hasn’t been upset. He has been more upset in the past with my husband who as far as I knew was there first but when I look back on my life that most likely isn’t true and my spirit lover was with me since my childhood I just didn’t realize it.

Point is he’s usually not shy about making his frustrations known or trying to get lovers out of the picture.

But so far it’s radio silence since I met this new friend.

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How did u meet ur “spirit lover” for the first time?

Concious memory in a dream a year and a half ago. I have also felt him tangibly as a spirit while awake.

But I also think he may have been around when I was really little in which case I just suspect him being there and no one moment where he befriended me during childhood.