inscence is needed for evocation, right? But E.a did one without inscense when he evoked the nine demonic kings can anyone explain to me if that can be replicated

I have used incense as an offering in my evocations. Technically what’s “needed” is something for a smoke screen. So is you would prefer to use incense over lets say copal resin, then by all means go ahead. I could understand using an incense to the copal because it has a strong dull smell.

Resins ARE incense. Copal is an incense.

Incense are necessary in evocation to provide a manifestation base so the entity can appear. You can also use a black mirror.

Or clairvoyant sight, which is probably what EA was doing in that video, with the skulls as bases for each spirit.

I use clairvoyancy often because 1. too much incense gives me sinusitis sometimes and 2. different levels of work require different types of evocation base. Also, because when I first started doing evocation, I had no choice but this.

It’s also possible to use statue, painting or image as the evocation base, which is possibly what the ancient Egyptians did, and arguably what Hindus do to this day with their murtis, or scry onto a wall; most of the latter require more practice, some people think one way is the only “correct” way, other people like me use what’s most convenient and appropriate.

IMO, stick to incense if you have any doubts because it’s the most well-supported method, and it’s traditional and effective in most cases.

Thanks that sheds some light on the situation; for my first evocations I will attempt to use different things and see what works best for me.

Im going to try it with a black mirror first. if anyone has experience with evocation through a black mirror I would like to hear there experences

im not that familiar with resins, so its a new thing for me to know.