Increasing masculinity

I was wondering if any of you have a spell to increase my masculine energy, I am pretty balanced with both of my masculine and feminine energy but I would like to obtain more of my masculine side and use it to help me with confidence and anixety a bit more. Spells with herbs would help but I am good at meditating on certain energies too. Thanks

You don’t exactly require a spell or anything for this, masculine and feminine energy can be manipulated either by means of energy work or mundane. Masculine and feminine energy fit into the dualistic ideology of Yin and Yang.


Work with solar deities.


Except for Amaterasu xD


The majority of solar deities are male, but there are always exceptions :wink:


There’s also Nature Deities too, that didn’t cross my mind lol.


Work with Ares.

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I am working with satan and I’m pretty comfortable with working with him only right now but will probably change later on, that’s why I would like maybe even just a meditation to manipulate my energies, but thank you and or even meditations for Satan to help me obtain masculine energy would help to

You could do more compound lifts. Compound lifts increase testosterone production in men. Do you workout?


I do work out so I’ll check it out

Yeah, just do compound lifts, Deadlifts, Squats, Pull ups, Military Press, stuff like that, don’t use machines.

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