Increasing Magickal Power

I have heard that whether you are a black or white magician, not eating meat increases your magickal power. Is there any truth to this?

You need those fatty acids to fix 'yer brain up.


all native peoples pretty much practiced magic. they had their magic men, their “witch doctors”, and none of these peoples were, or are, strictly vegetarian.

but if it would make you feel better, you may want to look in to eating meat that comes from “organic” farms - no chemicals, grass-grazed and no steroids and such. though this kind of meat may be a bit more expensive, and there’s no guarantees that the meat you get actually comes from a more natural way of farming. people do lie, after all.

bottled water, for example. you don’t really believe there’s an army of people traipsing up and down the mountains of poland each and every day, from sun-up 'til sun-down, filling canteens, buckets and really big cans with “mountain-fed streams of pure water”, do you?

but you can give it a shot if you can afford it.

Personally I’ve not found any truth in it, AND I was a vegetarian (strict - no eggs or fish) for quite a few years, whereas now I eat kind of primal/paleo (eating fish or meat daily).

Also earlier this year i did a 3-month trial of a ketogenic diet, and to keep my daily gross (not net) carbs between 15g - 45g, I was mainly eating meat, fish, eggs, and hard cheeses - in other words, almost 100% animal products.

I didn’t notice any drop whatsoever in my magickal abilities, I only stopped because I really missed being able to eat veggies, things like fried onions, tomatoes, the occasionaly jacket potato, and also, weirdly, I had these massive and quite tormenting cravings for sugars after evocation and heavy magickal work.

That’s weird because apparently ketosis (and I measured it by peeing on a stick almost every time I went to the loo) leaves you with nothing but the 5g or so glucose circulating in your blood that the body manufactures, and most of the time it stays completely stable, which is the main point of the diet.

And I was only eating between 15g - 45g carbs a day but usually down the lower end (that’s like 60 - 180cals, nothing in real terms), and I usually had good stable energy, but NOTHING crashed me as hard as magickal work - not exercise, not a shock after getting some really bad news, not sex, it was bizarre.

It was like any heavy magickal work drained my blood sugar or something, to the extent all I could think about for hours afterwards was cake, fruit, even alcohol (and I don’t drink) - very, very weird!

I’m back to between 50g - 80g carbs most days, out of ketosis, and the effect of raging hunger afterwards has completerly gone.

Anyway just sharing that because I’ve really given both a good try and I honestly don’t think eating meat makes any difference, though some spirits will ask you to lay off it for a short period, some prefer you to not eat pork or fish, it’s possible a spirit may spot an energy blockage that can be helped by this - and of course there are other valid reasons for not eating meat…

What else - oh yes I had to eat a lot of meat when I was “pregnant” with my demonic Child, and none at all when I did the work with Ahriman, apparently because meat is a thing of Ahura Mazda, animals rejoice in the light and live ordered, natural lives. I was able to eat tinned fish (that’s been dead for ages) and eggs, but that was it. not even dairy.

Just mentioning this because sometimes there are good reasons to change your diet for short periods of time. Oooh - just remembered I made a post about that stuff here, fwiw.

But usually I feel better mentally, physically, spiritually, and every other way after eating a large rare steak with a heap of fried onions and garlic, and a bit of ketchup or salsa…

@qwyzl, in the EU we have very strict regulations on what’s allowed to be called organic, btw, and various bodies that monitor farms and so on. :slight_smile:

I have a number of psychic friends in their advanced ages. One thing I have heard from a few of them is that as the body ages it does affect their psychic abilities a bit. So health is important. As for whether meat affects it is hard to say. Maybe healthwise in the long term?

One of my favorite celebrities is Madonna, because she seems to have aged very well. But apparently lately she has been following a certain kind of diet that takes good care of her stomach bacteria. I’d imagine general health would affect you magickally. My general consesus regarding vegetarians vs Meat eaters is that Meat Eaters seem to be overall more aggressive… robust…SANGUINE… =) Their energy seems to reflect that even magickally.

Anyway here is a readup on Madonna’s diet, but she doesn’t eat meat. Unfortunately it doesn’t say anything about magick, but only health:

Yes, I think gut biome and overall health is very important, and I’ve been following the research on this stuff, for example about the positive role of resistant starch, prebiotic veg, and so on - I think a varied diet’s important for good gut health (another reason I ditched the keto diet - lack of variety), and things like cutting back on sugar, processed food because of ingredients like carageenan that are suspected of causing gut problems, also I never eat gluten and rarely if ever eat anything with seed oils in.

Like I posted in the Anti-Aging thread, it’s possible to take a walk round your body and actually chat to things, trust your first impression and if you can’t “hear” what they’re saying, try asking your body to show you images, or even send you the taste… :slight_smile: