Increased spiritual activity

Hello everyone.

Me and a lot of my other witch friends have noticed that there seems to be a lot more spiritual activity than usually. One is being bombarded by spirits entering her house and the rest of us are starting to see shadow people.
I’m wondering if this is happening to you too, and if maybe there’s some astrological cause or something like that.

Maybe it’s just ahem spooktober.


Our plane is very close and connected to the various realms of shadow people from Nyx’s shadow people to Kauket/Kek’s shadow people, and so forth so many people have had run ins with the red eyed aggressive shadow people, the white eyed curious ones, and the blue eyed benevolent ones, all of which can change based on how you treat them.

However, the wild hunt is getting pretty close.


So… they are the famous shadow people that everybody talk about?

Not really, it’s more that many shadow people are born from the primordial dak energies of those deities.

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Wild hunt?

Essentially, it is a parade of spirits who were credited in causing disasters for the sake of adding more hunters into the fold in the past, although they are also said to ride on Samhain/Halloween as well. Keep in mind that i am oversimplifying this


The wild hunt is when the dead and many spirits are wondering around some causing mischief some simply being out and about.

Odin, Cernunnos, Gwynn Ap Nudd, among other psychopomps during the wild hunt go out and capture these wild spirits specifically the dead and bring them to where they need to be. Odin and his valkyries, Cernunnos and Gwynn with the Fae.


Well, I can tell you the veil pretty much completely lifted for me a couple of months ago and continues to get thinner as time goes on. With that said, I’m not sure if my experiences are indicative of others but I have heard other people within these types of communities saying that it seems like something is definitely shifting. I feel humanity may be in the process of spiritual awakening, although people within these communities have been saying this for years yet we still have ignorance, narrow mindedness, needless wars and people still mindlessly falling victim to the law of polarity which is used to control people so maybe nothing is changing at all. It’s really hard to say but I’d be interested in others perspectives on the matter.

It would be lovely if we could reach a new spiritual golden age but fate is what it is and maybe we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hi, there is so many atacks in world,posessions. Line of this world and spiritual one is so tiny i think soon may connect two become one.

The :heart: shadows :heart: they are powerful beings but there are lots of types

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What if I didn’t see any eyes? I can’t speak for my other friends, but personally, every time I have seen them they appeared as vague dark silhouettes, no eyes.

Not uncommon, some can’t perceive their eyes starting out if at all.

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I think we are entering, shifting into a new DARK age. That’s why we are experiencing all this psychic spiritual stuff. The gates of Hell have been thrown wide open

Powers of Darkness open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss and love us as brothers and sisters! 93


This isn’t supernatural the gates of hell weren’t sealed to begin with, it’s a nation of entities it doesnt really have anything to do with spiritual activity anyone flexing stuff like this is bound to mislead others.

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I saw a giant red hand reaching towards me while I was taking a shower last night. It was big enough that it could close around my head.

Halloween is almost here.

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