Increased interest in magic?

Do you think in these last years there has been an increase of people getting interested in magic? And if so, why?


People recognize a lack of power in their lives, they figure they’ll give the old, “Woo woo stuff” a try.

Those that get it to work stick around.


Yes, definitely. I think things are a lot harder for younger generations than they were for older generations. A lot of people have both partners working to make ends meet. Standards of living have decreased. There are a lot of stupid bubbles like real estate and now student loans. People have to use the internet and cell phones now for a lot of stuff. Companies hire less, get rid of people faster, and provide less benefits.


Yes and no.

I remember a few years ago, people were big time into Magick and this was thanks to fiction for the most part.

These days this interest is increasing but most people see Magick as a quick fix instead of a way of Life. Some are being called and when they answer these calls, they will progress. Many people are happy being average however while others are happy with dabbling.


Yes it’s all become a money game now. By the looks of it, things will get worse but it seems that the Spirits who have stood alongside us since the beginning will aid us.

I definitely think there’s been a spike in overall interest in magick. I think part of it is due to subliminal programming tucked away in media and entertainment (at least here in the states), and also because magick is now more accessible with the internet.

A lot of people also either have weaker faith in their religions or lost their faith entirely, but secular humanism or neo athiesm isn’t exactly doing the trick. There’s tons of reasons why. It’s just a culmination of a lot from our time.


Yep 4 years is about right I’m here because i got completely fucked off with the british police being complete morons. neighbours that needed their spleen filleting with a large axe and various idiots who thought they had the right to put one over on me and the magick world levels the slope of the playing field my way
Even the magistrates want your money and these days they don’t even hide it (the moment you walk in they give you a form to fill out telling them how much you earn ) so i didn’t fill it out and was told i would be done for contempt if they find me guilty and i haven’t filled it in (wankers)
they had to find me not guilty English magistrates versus Belial No contest

I definitely agree with the increase because of it being generally more accessible. When I was younger, the only real occult exposure I had was through the media and some old RHP books my mom had tucked away in a closet. Now you have so many platforms to share your experiences and see the experience of others. But I also agree a lot of it is individuals looking for a “quick fix” to their problems instead of dealing with them directly.

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