Increase the money I work for

My daily income is 70 TL, which is equivalent to 8 dollars. I work 2 nights 11 hours, how can I get my daily earnings of 130 TL?

Can I use Magickal Cashbook to increase my daily earnings by 60 TL?


I would use the Cashbook for a specific need, like money for food or to pay bills or to buy something important.

To increase your income, there are two different books you can look into. One is Magickal Riches by the same author as the Cashbook, and the other is 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer. That’s the one I use, but both are good books.

If you want a long-term working, Wealth Magick is another good one. 7 Occult Money Rituals is also a good long-term book if you do the rituals over and over again every moon cycle.

With money, people often get obsessed about the short-term because of fear. A little extra money can make a big difference, but I think it’s better to focus on long-term changes, like finding new work that pays better and has a higher potential for more money.

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what specific rituals have you done from those books? did you have good results?

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I currently practice from the book 7 Occult Money Rituals, and each ritual has given me good results. Some of the rituals focus on cleansing your emotions, removing blockages, and aligning you on maximizing your money in ways that feel good for you. It has also manifested money, both straight-up cash money and access to wealth that I would not have otherwise had.

There is one Cashbook ritual that I recall doing, for what seemed like an extraordinary sum of money, and after a few years that money manifested.

I have performed each of the rituals in Wealth Magick, although I did not do some of the rituals for the entire length of time described in the book. I worked with Magickal Riches before this, but Wealth Magick is what made some of the big changes that allowed me to be what I am now.

Magickal Riches does also work quite well, though, and is a good book if you want to experience money magick. The Master Money Ritual works with Metatron, who is also in 7 Occult Money Rituals, as does the ritual to Discover Your Secret Source of Money. The latter of these in particular came through for me multiple times in some rather dire circumstances. The ritual for Buying and Selling got me around a 50% discount on by far the largest expense I had every month or so, which made a very significant difference to me. The Genius rituals also worked well. Chance Money Attraction, which works with Nitika like the Cashbook, filled my life with the smaller pleasures of money. The Gambling ritual is probably what doubled my money on a BTC trade (let’s not talk about the money I lost on random fees and panic selling). Attract Money Through Perception gave me a promising albeit daring business idea which I still carry in my back pocket today. The folksy magick on getting money to flow also worked well.

I have also used a variety of other methods when it comes to money magick. Even if you don’t take it as seriously or make it as significant a force in your life as I do, I think you’d have to be a moron if you practice magick but never do any money magick. Some people get all concerned cause they think they’ll have to ultra grind to see the benefits of magickal prosperity in their life. Although it is true that you get out of the magick what you put into it, you don’t have to break your back or walk through life in a sleep-deprived haze.

It is perhaps the case that you cannot yet imagine how magick can make money flow through you and increase its presence in your life experience. I suppose you’ll never know unless you do the magick.

You know what’s better than some results with money magick? More results with money magick.


Actually, I want to shorten my working hours and increase the money I earn daily.

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I haven’t much experience in money magick admittedly; the most I have done is to leave out offerings to Bune/Bimé for weeks before finally asking for a boon (lel) from her. I was given a pay raise within 24 hrs.

Also I am not sure where in the world you are but this may help, I hope –

I’m a waiter I work 11 hours and I get 8 dollars I want to work 8 hours and get 14 dollars so I want a 6 dollar raise and shorter working hours.

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So because you are a waiter, the first step I would take is to look for fancier, higher quality, more expensive restaurants. According to Google people tip in Turkey (assuming TL means the lira and that you live in Turkey), so if you work somewhere with larger bills then your % tip will be larger too. People who eat at fancy, luxury restaurants are also more likely to tip generously for good service. Go where the money is.

After that, maybe start looking for ways to get a promotion. If you can get paid more as the boss, or even the boss’s boss, then maybe figure out how to become that. Climb up. Ascend.

How do people get rich, or even just make more money? Do you know anyone who has done that? Can you find them? Can you learn from them?