Increase one's masculinity

Hey there.
Do you guys know any magick or working to increase one’s masculinity ?
Will working with Mars/Sun or very masculine spirits help with that ?
Where is the source of the raw masculinity energy, and how do embody it if it exists ?


That is one option, depending on what aspect of masculinity you are aiming for. I like Mars/Jupiter, myself.

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try the Olympian spirit Phaleg


Can I ask, out of sincere curiosity, why you would want to do this?


I hope you realize that masculinity as a concept in the occult (namely magic) is different from what society calls masculinity…

Masculinity, in a magickal sense, is a penetrating force, not “fook bishes and pound da chest bra” nonsense.


@Baal Please explain further. The word penetrating brings to mind yin energy (though that’s often associated with the feminine). Actually, now that I think about it yang energy is quite penetrating as well. What we call “cold power” seems to fit that feeling of a sharp, hard impact the most. That’s a version of yang energy. If we are thinking yin energy, then yin energy in “fire mode” perhaps??? Though that doesn’t seem to be quite right. I know I am completely going off on a tangent with language no one understands, but I am sincerely confused. Please do explain further.

People have a balance of both masculine and feminine within them. Just like light and dark. There are beings of the light that can be unreceptive and cold.There are dark beings that can be helpful and supportive.

If you were to just tap into too much raw male energy you would become unbalanced. Do you want to be more aggressive in going after what you want.? Do you want to get in shape and get big muscles? Try to think in terms of qualities and I think that would be more useful.

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…Uh And i hope you do realize what a penis is for? “penetrating force” :joy::joy::joy:

Most women enjoy that “fook bishes and pound da chest bra” nonsense occasionally, be honest ladies. :wink:

I agree work with Spirits/Energy of Mars and Jupiter. :grin:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: