Incorporate spirit boards into rituals and invocations?

I was wondering for those that do how do you incorporate spirit boards in your rituals and if you don’t do you have any idea how I could

What did the search results come back with?

You mean like a Ouija board? I don’t.
You could use one to get answers, the same way that people use pendulums, but they’re notoriously open to hijacking by lesser entities and seldom recommended.

Since they are not traditionally ceremonial tools, you’d be better off design your own ritual that uses one.

I say that because, while I could on the spot make something up, (i.e., open your circle, summon, ask question, wait for the board to do the moving thing) I’m going to be telling you a thing I haven’t even tried myself… someone here might have, but I think most just use ouija board as a straight up ouija board.

Ya off and on I’ve been using it to get more direct answers from a spirit and your right it is prone to hijacking sometimes some random spirit will hop on instead and spell random stuff but I further consecrate the board and do a consecration ritual on it once a day Atleast so that happens less now

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