Inconsistency in the banishing ritual of the pentagram and hexagram

So I’ve noticed in my practice from grade Neophyte to grade Zealtor that in the LBRP we start in the East head to the South then west and finally the North and back to the east. Studying astrology and then the LBRP and the LBRH I’ve noticed an inconsistency. The Astrological chart we start with Aquarius in the East “Air”, then Leo in the South “Fire”, then Scorpio in the west “water”, and then Taurus in the North. First off the astrological chart goes Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and then Taurus, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. In the SIRP why the heck do we do it this way. Aren’t we following the sun from the East to the West either way. It’s bizarre why are they are they not consistent. Also would like to mention the LRBH follows a different pattern Fire Earth Air Water. So I’m either on to something or just crazy. I like consistency and I’m probably just missing a pattern. As the hexagram represents the astrological chart with us as the sun! Foolish Fish has a video. I’m sure there’s some madness to the process.

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