Incenses of good and evil - Al-Toukhi

Does anyone know which incenses are ‘good’ and which are ‘evil’?

In Al-Toukhi’s book of Red Magick he refers to buring incenses of good and evil but doesn’t specify what they are. Anyone know??

Yes, I’m familiar with his work. Anything that smells “good” can be used for good. Anything that smells “bad”, can be used for evil. Personal judgment. He works with Jinn, and that’s how the incense is used with them in general.

You can check Jinn grimoires like “Shams-Al-Ma’aref” in English, if you could find a copy, for more details. The guideline I provided should work fine without any issues. Unless it’s mentioned clearly in the spell or ritual that you need to use a specific incenses.

If that’s confusing. You can use “sandalwood” incense for good, and tobacco for evil. :slight_smile:



Have you had any luck with his work? I’m familiar with Al-Buni’s work but can’t find an English version of it

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Incenses may be associated with planets. Mercury is neuter, or may be used in both ways. Saturn, Mars and Moon are negative; Sun, Venus and Jupiter are positive. Then, there would be the more recent ones, at the moment I don’t remember their polarities. Saffron for the Sun, musk for Venus, camphor for Moon, cloves for Mercury…

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Hi @naviola, I didn’t use his work before to be honest but I read his books. I had wonderful success with Al-Buni’s “Shams Al-Ma’aref”. I doubt that you’ll find an English version.

There’s a ritual I shared here called “Lucifer’s Candle” :

This ritual is based on one for working with Jinn. You can use it. Add the incense to it and call the Jinn you want to work with, at the proper day and hour.

There’s also a book called “Practical Jinn Magick” by Corwin Hargrove, you may find it useful.

Tobacco for evil?
Tobacco is one of the four sacred plants: Sweetgrass, Cedar, Tobacco and Sage. I use tobacco for invocation of the Manitous which are nether good nor evil, as that association has no application to be honest.


Yes it’s used for many purposes, depends on the spirits and culture. For example I use it with Santisima Muerte for both good and evil. With Jinn it’s used only for evil.