Hi I know for the demons/gods that are presidents like the incense storax,but I don’t have that incense so is it okay to substitute it with one of the ones that I do have? I have sandalwood cedar jasmine dragon’s blood and frankincense and myrrh.


if you look up their planetary correspondences (Google and on here) and also use intuition, you sould be fine with those if they’re what you have.

I almost never use incense and have no problems getting evocation manifestations, and above all results.


Like @Lady_Eva , I rarely use incense either, and still get good results!

To be perfectly honest with you, when I do a ritual in which the evoked entity desires an offering, I burn it some sage, I’ve found that sage is a very versatile herb, able to both cleanse spaces and be used as catalysts for manifestation or offerings, but it all depends on the Internet.

I’d say that whatever incense or herbs you want to burn for the entities you are calling on is a good choice, just realize that whatever the intent is, is what it is!

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Thank you guys for your help.


Sandalwood is a good catch-all.
As mentioned, sage is great for cleansing. I sometimes use it for other things as well. It has a good, heady scent for getting your mind in the right place.