Which types of incense can be termed as general or universal incense that can be used for any evocation rituals, I need recommendations

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Copal incense is what I use, and it’s what EA Koetting recommends in his books.


Sandlewood is really good. Its like the pizza of incense - just about all spirits ive worked with like it.


Yup, I bought some sandlewood from a magick shop because they didn’t have any dragon’s blood and I don’t regret it. Every time I do research on an entity I want to work with related to incense it seems like they all enjoy sandlewood. I should have stocked up on more of it.


What I had in mind was frankincense and cinnamon incense but the cinnamon is not easy to be found in shops out here so I got myself frankincense. I’m definitely going to try copal and the sandalwood, thanks to you all.


I love frankincense. I use it in both oils and incense all the time.

I agree with the sandlewood.

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Cloves (mercurial); one of EA’s favorites is dittany of crete, I don’t know its correspondence, but maybe he uses it for any spirit. So it’s possible to burn a single type or a mix: cloves and frankincense, perhaps also the copal…