Incense smoke question


What I would like to know is, just much incense smoke does one need to perform an evocation. I ask this because EA mentions in his book “Evoking Eternity” that the charcoal pucks that you’d normally buy don’t produce enough smoke. I’ve tried using them anyway, but it didn’t seem work. The only alternative I could think of is barbeque briquettes, but when I went to buy some I noticed a warning telling me not to burn them inside on account of chemicals in them. My temple is inside, so I don’t think that’s viable. How do I get enough smoke?

i use three kings charcoal usually it seems to produce more than enough smoke with copal resin (i also like dragons blood but more for the smell than anything lol)

I use a nag champa bar (GOLOKA!), for quick rites (30/45 mins), and in case it’s gonna last longer 2 or 3 (1/1:30 hour).

I put it in front of me in the table to inhale as much as possible so the CO2 devil appears as quick as possible and helps me in the evocation.

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In my experience you just have to try it all out and find the charcoal/incense blend that works for you. In my apartment I have two different room where I do evocations. One I need a lot less (I think it is because the room is more air tight) the other I need more.

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