Incense holders. Multiple sticks. Advice please

Good morning friends. So I’ve been searching for incense holders and woukd like some opinions if any of these are good or would you suggest other holderss that hold more incense so spirits manifest without much doubt.

Here goes: (PS - btw I prefer any holder which holds at least 4 or 6 sticks at a time. Cant find any😕

If you like to use multiple sticks at once, instead of searching for a holder that you like, you can make one yourself. Find or buy a small decorative bowl or trinket dish and fill it with sand. Decorative sand from a craft store or dollar store works perfectly fine. With this you can stand the sticks up in the sand and use as many as you want at one time.


Thank you. That wouuld make minifestation easier when scrying through the smoke.

Also, I would have to heat up the bowl, correct? What about putting water on the sand inside the bowl?

That’s more dependant on you and your own skills. All the tools in the World won’t help if you’re not actively working on developing and strengthening your senses. If you’re into scrying, the only way to get better at it is to keep practicing it. The more you do it, the more you’ll strengthen the skill, and, eventually, the more you’ll see. So, work on your senses.

To answer your second question, no. Just fill the bowl with the sand. No heat will touch the bowl. The ash from the incense will just fall down into the sand.

Here’s an example of one I use from time to time (usually to stand palo santo up)

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Interesting. I’m attemtping to improve my cairvoyance and cairaudience but it seem there are different apprcoaches to it.

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There are many. Some work for some, some don’t. Keep at it. Try different things and find what works for you. We’re all the same but we’re also all different lol.

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