Incense doesn't burn that fast

Just made a quick offering to Lucifer, incense wine and a rose.
I did it quickly because I was trying to be discreet as I am currently at my mother’s house and didn’t want her to notice anything strange.
Just thought it was strange how an entire incense stick burnt down to complete ashes in less than five minutes. I’ve burnt incense alot throughout my life and I can’t recall an incense stick ever burning up that fast before. When I finished the offering I was astonished that the incense had burnt that quickly
I hope that this is a good sign


It could either be a good sign, or the particular inscence stick wasn’t good quality?

I do know that when candles burn quickly, some interpret that as the “results will come fast”.

So personal descretion is required.

Also quick note, just noticed your title says “Inscense doesn’t burn that fast”…

But in your post your saying it burned down in basically 5 mins…

Want me to change the title or ? Confused?

Maybe something like “Inscence burned too fast”

Why change it? I guess OP means “Incense normally doesn’t burn that fast”, nothing wrong with that.


I just got confused. I hadn’t read the title that clearly when I first responded then when I saw the title, it confused me.

Which is why I asked the OP, wasn’t gonna change it if I misunderstood something.

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I would say it is likely a good or neutral sign, depending on how you view it. If we view offerings as energy exchanges, it would appear that Lucifer devoured the energy quickly in this case.

If the offering was made to achieve something, I would wait for results before labeling the duration if the incense as either a good or bad sign.

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Yeah I meant that it doesn’t usually burn that fast. You can change it if you want.
And I definitely don’t think it could be a bad sign at all. I woke up this morning just feeling great, and when this happened last night I definitely felt like a warm heat all over me that felt very comforting.
Im about to burn another stick from the batch by itself and time it, see if there’s any difference when there’s no magic involved.
I’m definitely a beginner with spirit work, I’m less than 6 months in, but I’ve been emmersing myself in study. so it still kind of amazes me every time how real it is. I’m sure y’all can understand, it’s really amazing

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Well if that’s what you meant, then I’m not gonna change it. I was just confused.

Just an update. I burned another incense from the same batch and it burned for over an hour, just like I expected.
I had my eyes closed for the offering but I can only imagine how it would have looked to see an incense burn that fast lol

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