Incantation to increase the vibrational frequency?

So how do you guys increase your vibrational frequency? Any ideas in raising the Magnetism and empower the aura? Ty


Watch some comedies and have a good laugh.


It sounds corny, but love energy does it.
Generate the feeling, see it as light filling your whole body from your heart center. Do it a couple times a day.

Bonus - push it out to fill to whole house and it banishes unwanted energy like nobodies business. It’s strong stuff.


I like to intone pitch tones, letting the sound resonate through the bridge of my nose and the third eye area.


A vibrator or those coin slot beds at sleepy motels maybe?


I use Vibration Raising music. It helps.


I listen to music and dance.


mantra that i use “i am god divine infinite source energy pure consciousnes”
“i am light/ i am love” and feel it from your crown down to your root , then concentrate in the heart area


Focus on your heart
It’s the fastest way to connect to your higher self I have found - faster than going via the mind
Maulbeere is right - Love energy really does help a lot. Check out this vid below - Aaron goes over the difference between manifesting with your heart rather than your mind for quicker results and also shows a handy little chart of the different emotions and their vibrational frequencies that you might find useful.



You’re doing just fine guys. I find the power of the heart chakra important. Love energy is important. I work with Belphegor Qliphot and with Andar in ahrimanic magic.
Does anyone has also some incantations maybe @Micah
I also liked one exercise of @Lady_Eva one visualisation with a foot on the moon and other on the sun. I don’t remember it very well.

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Chant Om from your whole being


Tibetan Singing Bowls release a amazing vibration, use that in combination with a consecrated sacred space.

Indigo candles, sandalwood and frankincense.
Hit the singing bowl sit in a deep meditation, allow the vibrations to flow naturally.

Inhale deeply after the vibration starts, visualising a current of a high vibrational frequencies. Absorb the vibrations through breath and visualisation.

Exhale as the sound diminishes, I do a slow exhalation once the sound stops I allow my breath to stop. To only then repeat the process over and over again.

The vibration can echo through your whole being, activating and charging chakras, with intention strengthen and raising the magnitude of the aura.

With enough repetitions, the chakras can be physically felt spinning, even the minature energetic meridians can be felt fluctuating.

Combine this process with a mantra, along with the vibrations of the singing bowl then you’ll have one hell of time.


To me what raises my vibration
Is laughter (I act like complete 7 yo sometimes
Just to lighting up)
not just taking things to seriously
Chakra meditation
Taking walking in nature it helps me feel more grounded
Being present in the moment
Appreciating every thing that’s around me with gratitude and pure love and awareness of my thoughts as I let them flow without paying attention to them.
avoiding processed food
The energy in food is reduced significantly through processes such as microwaving, frying, canning and dehydrating.
Watching what I eat just made me feel 10 times better
If you eat shit you’re more like to feel like one.
I love the smell of frankincense and oud it’s very healing to my soul
Yeah that’s it :))
Ah yeah also remember to take couple deep breaths here and there it help a lot.


Incantation: ATHUSHIR
to activate Kundalini

Incantation: ATAZOTH
to raise the 5th Element


Being around animals, especially cows, chickens, and pigs.

They don’t deserve the pain that they go through, poor fellas.

Being some sort of Ace Ventura type guy would definitely make my soul happy.

I just watched that video yesterday! Haha

Two demons under Azazel you could probably work with:

Et’liosh- is capable of raising power to the omnipotent degree.
Hent’yos- possesses the ability to raise the spiritual “vibrational rate” of anything whatsoever.