Incantation to improve personal charm

Hello all,
I am new user here. Want to ask if there is any incantation that can improve my charm, make me sexually irresistable/make girl lust over you. And i need a strong one. Any help is appreciated.

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Lol a strong one,


Yeah. Incantation or sigil would be good.

are you beginner ? in magic …

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Yeah. Beginner. Actually i never experience magic before. I just need a incantation or probably sigil. I don’t really need demon assistance or anything

Well sorry to break it to you but if your going to use a demons sigil they’re going to be involved.

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Actually from what i understand, there is personal and demon sigil. So i am closer leaning toward personal sigil.

You need to work on your senses, on theta gamma sync and many things more to get what you desire … sigil is connected to demons, to open sigil you will need to master theta gamma sync … You will need to start from 0 and than slowly continue to your goal… if you will jump now to your desired goal it will be worthless :grimacing:
Start reading books, start to learn things from basics and than when you will be ready jump into it.

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Search chaos magick then.There are many books about it.

Hi littleshart, will do my research on that

Damon Brand has the magical seduction book, you could just do ritual #3.
I have not done any of the book’s rituals yet but after reading it through you basically just need the book, a cube of pyrite and 3 red candles and a piece of paper


Alright, you wanna get a girl? That’s the main reason men get good at doing things. Magic is no exception.

“Charm” is a good thing to seek, but it is very complicated sometimes. Acting in a way that is charming to one person might be annoying or offensive to another.

I like women a lot and have put plenty of effort into learning how to communicate with them. It is very important that you do not learn to measure yourself by your romantic success. You will be very painfully alone the day before you meet the love of your life, and you will be full of bliss the day before she takes off with that guy at work she says she hates. Love gets dark sometimes, so be careful mixing it with spirit. People get dead sometimes.

Firstly, work on your aura. Most women use psychic tools without even trying. It’s not that you like the girl because she will make you happy. You like yourself and the girl is welcome to join.

This is complicated. Maybe just listen to Frank


I like what gku said , but dont know how to accomplish it. I am also seeking peraonal magnetism/attraction of the opposite sex . Not to slay as many women as i can , but because i desire validation . I believe in not harming if possible . Can you give me suggestikns/advice . Im experienced in meditation and read alot . But ive been unable to apply these strengths . Idk how to work spells and rituals to well .

What does chais magic mean

You should better google it,I am sure there will be a fuller explantion :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you … can you search my recent post and help me with that too . ? Id appreciatte it alot