Incantation Help


i have been working on evocation for some time.i just started trying the incantation recently “Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu” and “Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza". im still not having any luck

this is how i try to evoke a spirit.

  1. Summoning of All Magickal Powers incantation
  2. Go in to the TGS to get the sigil to flash.
  3. Enforce Spiritual Pact. Incantation
  4. Chant the spirits name

could some tell me what i should change if any thing?


I have two questions,

  1. How new are you to evocation?
  2. Why do you think the evocation didn’t work?

Reason i ask is if you’re fairly new you might not be able to sense the spirit but that doesn’t mean the evocation failed. Early on you will have evocations that seem like nothing happened or that the spirit didn’t appear but in reality they are there. Or the spirit might manifest in the form of something very subtle, as subtle as the space around the ritual altar getting cold or the air feeling heavy.
If you give a bit more information I’m sure Me or someone could help you :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply.
i have been practicing evocation for about two years i can get in to the TGS very easily i see the fog the room temp does change some i think. i just fond the incantations about two days ago.


I personally will use one or the other when it comes to the incantations depending on the task.
If i’m asking the spirit themselves to do a task for me i’ll use the alash incantation, If i’m asking the spirit for either advice or to empower a ritual i’ll use the itz ranchu.

the operation i usually do is meditation first to raise the energy (any kind of kundalini raising meditation will work) and then say the incantation while charging the sigil, I see the incantation as opening the portal and making the connection. Once the connection is felt I will call the spirit forward

Do you use a scrying mirror or do you prefer to visualize the spirit internally? Probably should have asked that also (sorry apparently on a wall of text rampage today :slight_smile: )


no i just use a sigil that’s all the tools i use.
rampage :joy:any help is appreciated.
my goal is face to face communication with at spirit
i think i mite just try opening then sigil the say Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu then chant the name.


Please Remember The Spirit Will be There Even if it Does Not Show Up For Evocations to The Physical Make Sure You Are Using Enough Incense You Really Need Quiet A Lot…


will the spirit still come and hear me even if I do not match his vibration frequenty?


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