Inaudible Parts of Section 11

I’m wearing quality over-ear headphones and I can’t hear anything that’s going on in the last twenty minutes. I can pick out bits of the indoor channeling session - I think once the video is downloadable I can boost that with my software player and should be able to hear it. But once it goes outside, I get nothing.

Judging from the chapter titles, there’s an evocation of Paimon and the girl channels. Then the next session is something called “Evoking the Tarot,” and I have no idea what’s going on at all there.

What’s up S_I,

I too noticed that, however, was listening/viewing the course on my TV/computer set up. I don’t remember if EA included some script on top of the video explaining what was going on or not? I was up all night watching this thing.

I’ll keep you posted if I “solve” this or have a more useful description my friend.

In Section 13, I give you the exact reason for this:

Basically, what happened is that as soon as we got out into these group rituals, ALL of my audio recording equipment failed. I took it in to the audio experts where I had purchased all of my audio stuff (not bestbuy or walmart either, but a company specifically serving studios and live production companies), and they said that it was some sort of electromagnetic interference, and asked if I was filming around electromagnetic fields… which, technically, no I was not… unless you count the materialization of legions of spirits.

So, with my portable recorders having gone haywire (you can see an eerie example of this in Section 16, where the static sounds quite a bit like a heartbeat), I reverted to using the onboard camera microphone, which picks up all ambient sound, including a lot of wind (which picks up exactly when the spirits materialize!).

So, with Nate and Scarlett having donated their time, and having paid for their own travel and lodging to help me with these rituals, I had to make do with what I had.

I’ve since put a great deal of money into triple audio backups, two inside of the circle, and one broadcasting wirelessly. Regardless, I knew going into this, from experience, that REAL evocation and electronic recording devices have a hard time getting along.

Both Nate and Scarlett have said that, when I end up refilming this course with improved technology (as I’ll continually be doing as we move forward) that they’ll come back out to help me with these rituals once again.

Now, all of that being said, there is NO instruction being given in these rituals, but demonstrations of the material previously instructed. A good amount of the time, we’re completely silent, internally connecting with the spirits, so even if my mics were working perfectly, you still would have heard nothing but silence throughout the rituals in this section.

Also, as far as the indoor section, I have Scarlett rigged with an over-the-ear mic, so you can hear her clearly, but not me. This was on purpose, because what I’m saying is useless, but what Azazel is saying through her is priceless, and was instrumental in the construction of all of our group evocations.

I will Never forget those 5 Power-packed days out there! …From the moment Scarlett and I arrived out your way, we hit the ground running! …till the morning we had to catch our flights out. lol. Every moment was an Amazing Experience. (My Life is Still leveling out from Tsunamis of Power that Exploded from those Rituals!!!)
I was just speaking with Scarlett about when we come back out to re-film and expand on the course… We both seriously can’t wait! And are looking forward with hungry anticipation, and Excitement about how even More Powerful everything will be, as we employ new knowledge, experience, and an even more sharpened Skillset the Next Time Around! …Truly Mind-blowing!
…Things Are Only Ascending UP!!
The privilege to wield Limitless Power alongside you was an Honor in itself, and am Truly Excited to see what other priceless gems these courses reveal down the road! :slight_smile:

…Oh, and Akherra Phasmatanás (your Book of Azazel artist) wanted me to send you his Best!

Awesome… …
EA mentions if only it had been clearer, but especially as it was demo (so what can’t be heard isn’t info we should hear), and at the same time its like the type of demonstration of “recorded evidence” during a Working (EM interference)…

< thus it has a value to it? Medium is the msg… -Marshall McLuhan >

And just reading in the above, and after having read some other posts (so not just signed on) but reading this my whole room is thick and slightly shiney and I’m feeling waves (whether just through my spine, or in the room itself- not sure: like floating in water on say an InnerTube, with the slight Lake Waves that rock a bit) -ok shake it off a bit .

A bit like reading another's post yesterday about the Baelsab   Pact-Offering scene- a very different and yet strong affect- just reading about the video...   so beyond concepts taught, and all the NVC parts of the practitioners
    not only saying what they find important, but we can watch what they might not realize they do..   but a 
  Concrete Energetic-  "Key" to access   (Breadcrumbs    once have, can return later)

Is it possible to provide a written transcript of the highlights ?