Inanna vs Nammah

I am wondering what would be the best spirit for a love rite and not just for sexual gain. Would Inanna be more suited or would Nammah also work or be better?

I read about Nammah a while back and for some reason her name got replaced with Inanna in a ritual I was making and so curios really as to which is more preferred. Also is Inanna more close to females calling her than males or is there no issues with males calling on her as I read some posts stating she can be funny with males but I aint sure if its conjecture or not.

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That may depend on your overall relationship with and towards women I would think.

I dont see them as objects if that is what you mean, for relationship so not to call the spirits not just lust use :slight_smile:

You should probably be fine as long as you’re not some asshole.

I wouldn’t worry about it, tbh.

what are the no’s in working with her? I think she may be calling in a way as I drew this sigil for this ritual.

Put in a dove, hooks, star and originally it was Naamah I was reading about but for some reason I thought I will do this with Inanna and just found out her symbols are dove, lion, hooked weeds and a star. I was only 1 point down on star at 7 instead of 8. I think it is past coincidence at that point haha.

Sounds like your intuition is good.

I wouldn’t worry about any “no’s”.

Follow your instinct

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Naamah will be faster since her realm is underworld

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Is Naamah more lust than love?

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Yes and for love Aphrodite,Isis,Ishtar is good

Raw lust energy

Inanna I now realize was trying to contact me for a while it seems. But it seems she wants to work with me a bit like a patron of sorts. Though she wants me to work solely with her. Is this normal? Now I am not sure if she means just not to work with other gods and goddesses or if she means demons and angels and lessor spirits also etc.