In your opinion is Marax Ma'at?

Okay I’m not sure how many people on this forum actually work with Marax He’s rarely mentioned on here but I’ve did loads of research on him and the same thing pops up everytime on google about his description in the Goetia infact the only thing that’s different I could find on him is that the bull is actually symbolizes sacrifice of invincible power and self denial and I also read somewhere that some people believe that he’s a he a fallen angel or the Minotaur from greek mythology.

But anyways to get to the point I watched a video of this guy awhile back that tried to explain why he thinks Marax is the Egyptian goddesses Ma’ at and I actually couldn’t hear what he confirmed, but I did try to Evoke Marax and I felt a “No I’m not” can anyone confirm during evocation of him?

I Discovered that I can hear spirits but unfortunately not when I want to for whatever reason most of the time it seems like I just feel what there saying kinda.

No Ma’at isn’t a goetia, many of the goetia are baselessly linked to the Gods, besides Ma’at is akin to a primordial Goddess of the cosmos. Morax is a dark energy demon, they have no connection besides the usual paperthin connections that often make no sense.


Okay thanks for confirming!:+1: I honestly had this on my mind for awhile now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why don’t you invoke Ma’at. Then ask to invoke both of them at the same time and try to distinguish between there energetic signature

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You can invoke more than 1 spirit? I didn’t know that was a thing, but I can’t do that though because I can’t feel energy yet.

I dont think invoking them together is a good idea as invoke is to bring into, I think you mean evoke to bring outside of you.


Well practise.but I bet you can feel energy. Just track your emotions and try and note down differences of how you feel when you feel what you feel. Also try and track your thought process.Question things etc

@anon48079295 was that reply meant for Trishul66? I personally never thought to invoke both at the same time but just thinking about it does seem quite dangerous.

I have heard people Evoking 2 spirits in the room but never the opposite but really even that is to much for me I would rather just call 1 I’m not ready for that yet.

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What ever you call forth from the spirit world must pass through you. The idea that when you “evoke” entities they don’t get in contact with your energetic signature is a bogus one

No it doesn’t, just means you haven’t learned to differentiate the two. No entity must “pass through you” to come here. The idea in and of itself makes no sense when the planes are taken into account.

@Excalibur it was to Trishul yes, I figured you’d already know the difference lol.


Oh okay I was confused :sweat_smile:. Yeah I learned the 2 I watched a video talking about them.

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I am always with over 10 spirits I talk to regularly without evoking anymore or at least as much. I have also learned the energetic signature can be duplicated but it the case of Marax and Ma’at that is unlikely. I would believe that Ma’at and Marax are different beings.

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