In Your Experience, What Do Demons Want From Mankind?

I think they want to know, and be known. To be significant, and be something more, just like us. Your thoughts?

Depends on the demon. However, there are some who don’t really want anything from us.

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O Wow - so many things: Depends on the Spirit. But ultimately: To be though well of, to be acknowledged, treated with Kindness, Friendliness, Compassion & Respect & ultimately to be free from suffering & to be truly Happy.


I find that certain demons want to give advice more than receive anything. King Paimon usually just likes to tell me empowering things, and ease my concerns about life.


They want to be cool like me.

Now, in all seriousness, a lot of people around here has an… unkind opinion on humanity. But I believe we’re just too damn awesome. I think there are things they admire about us. They may be wise, but any moron would be after 50.000 years alive. I have yet to hear the first genius score from Hell. I’ve heard most of the genius scores from humanity.

Generally nothing, individually? depends on the demon if they even care for a individual human or not. Albeit there’s a handful of humans who think demons can help them achieve silly ish like godhood and what not so it’s more that “we” want shit from them and individually they either dont give a shit or they do for a human or two.

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hmmm heh yes.

Maybe we just make it all up, and so do they…

“The Soul needs Light to have Power”. ( high priestess Maxine Dietrich quote ).
“Chains of Darkness, reserved for judgement”. ( christian new testament bible quote. Someone locked them in the Darkness, and they probably want back to the Light which = Power.)