In two minds whether or not to purchase this course...can someone direct me?

Hi Everyone,

Well I purchased the Mastering Evocation course and have already found it to be well worth the purchase price as there is so much material and instruction that is new to me. I have been working with sigils for around 3 weeks now with some success. However, I have been working now with a scrying mirror - a 10cm diameter obsidian disk which I have flat on my table (as it is small…more akin to the diameter of a scrying bowl). All I get with scrying is the grey mist and then waves of coloured static swirling in my vision as the theta stage intensifies. Also, the mirror disappears then reappears in my vision a second or two later.

But no spirit visions or sounds whatsoever. I have been working with Sastan, Mepsitahl (mainly)…and Azazel and Dantalion asking them to assist in opening my scrying vision, empower my clairvoyance and clairaudience, magical/living imagination etc, but to no avail (as yet). I really do let go, relax and just await for visions and sounds to form…but nada.

I thought the Mastering Divination course might well provide the answers as an ideal companion course as the product description seems to say that this course will focus more on opening the third eye, taking off “blinders that block psychic vision” tools to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience etc…on paper, exactly what I need.

I do not need instruction on entering TGS, as this has been covered in the Evocation course and I am already there with this. At this stage, I am also not particularly interested in Pendulums or Tarot…I have worked with these media in the past.

Assessing the content during this trial period, I jumped straight to section 5 and found it to be interesting with some good pointers…but not worth paying $250 for. The other sections in the course seem to be instruction concerning pendulums, tarot, Ouija, runes etc…physical tools for divination…or lectures concerning what divination is etc.

Like I said, my purpose for ordering the course was for exercises to open my third eye, empower visualisation, clairvoyance and clairaudience…yet all I have really found on this is instruction concerning TGS (which I already know about), the afterlife hypnosis and teacher in the chair exercises. The scrying instruction after these is really covered by the Evocation course. I would not be willing to pay $250 for a couple of visualisation exercises.

Am I missing something? Many of you swear by this course, which is why I was excited to order it. Can any of you point me to sections or chapters containing exercises for what I seek, but that I am overlooking??? If I can obtain spirit clairvoyance and clairaudience from this course to advance beyond where I am at with scrying, I would gladly pay the full price for this course and come back to tarot, Ouija etc. later on. Many thanks.

For myself, I was wondering what I would get from Div course (per my prior work), but just for Section 6 alone…

…and some of Sec 5- you mention afterlife hypnosis, and the Teacher in the Chair- two aspects of a dual-coin… they open more than is obvious, but only if you go beneath the surface…
then the “invis Tarot”… espec the “single card” exper, “have it show you, follow where it goes…” etc. Is related to what you wrote.

But What I sense you are needing ( per your first paragraph, see the visual-distortion, but no detail arises:

  1. “opening the mind to receive,”

  2. asking the question (not Speak it in your mind, you need to have a certain part of your thoughts send the question in a certain way- vague, but if you send the question to the wrong “window” and then wait for a skying vision, missing… kinda can tell if you sent it the right place, if you get a response…
    of course the first item I mention (receiving, opening your mind in a certain way- not in general, but like putting your baseball-mitt up to catch the ball, if not ready- is like your not ‘listening’ Again- circular definition, you can tell your receiving if you receive… if not receiving, may be missing either of these two, or this third

  3. Who/What the question is posed to- substantial contact… I feel there needs to be better phrasing than that, as I find I can have a sigil open, or just contact via a Name/prior Assoc- usually I see/sense/feel that Presence and details (whether an Entity, or a Current, or even on “Omnipotence- direct Knowing” vs indir via something/someone else);
    I have felt that and yet not a response as if someone is Present in the room with you, you have prior acquaintance, you believe they know the info and would be willing to help you, and yet you ask, and no response (they not paying attn? they thinking? or just not want to answer at this moment? who can tell. But rather than a standard explanation, that is with Entities (and other aspects of con) like with people, you have to get a read how-where they are “coming from”

so in short- I would recommend, watching section 1, section 5 and section 6, and resist the temptation to think only what is directly said… look what is implied (and what mindset of someone would did that kind of thing “naturally” would understand it as. So easy to think of what you would mean to say if you said what you hear- in the past the idea with this work was to puzzle explanations, recently- even on this forum- many seem to read the surface literally, and what’s there is all.

 << in short just sec 1, sec 5, and sec 6 could be considered the course--  look at how the course ends with the last things he says in sec 6 and if that is really learned..  changes other questions.   Would that make it worth it?  not sure- but that's a perspective.

I’d consider then sec 2,3,4&7 as bonus then… that’s one way to look at it.>>

In terms of your sit, I think perhaps the 3 principles I mention, along with what you are doing now, might help (?) luck

Taokua, many thanks for your detailed response. It is appreciated.

I have now watched Section 1 and, while I appreciate that explaining that we are all part of the whole (God) and can tap into all knowledge etc. is an important concept to grasp, I am already familiar with this from reading U.S. Anderson’s The Magic in Your Mind (a great book)…which goes into great depth on this subject (and also introduced me to the pendulum in order to experience this knowledge ‘hidden’ in our subconscious). So, nothing particularly of interest in Section 1.

I shall go over Section 5 again, and Section 6…as per your suggestion. However, I guess what I am really after is further instruction and practical exercises relating to the 3 principles that you discuss (putting myself into a more receptive state, substantial contact in particular).

EA reviews a step by step process in preparation for the theta gamma sync.
it is in the “Light” exercise.