In trouble with Lucifer

You guys gave good options for him.

I say he should goto a priest for an exorcism, remove whatever entity is messing with him and then try putting his life back together.

If you know that you have mental issues and are taking pills then just banish this entity and just leave magic alone.

I cannot actually believe you have asked what seems like dozens of entity’s to help you with no good effects.

Listen mate, you know in yourself you ate mentally unstable so please stop reliving deeper and deeper into this just try making it simple. Remove the entity via a priest and relax.

I can tell you this off the bat, whatever pills your taking are more than likely causing all these problems. You really have no idea what’s in those pills and what they can open you up too either.


I think something wholesome like positive thinking books would help toi be honest, FORGET all this spirit stuff for a while, as master of your own reality (even if you don’t always feel like it) youy have the right to banish stuff from your thoughts.

There’s a phrase in the book Cosmic Ordering Service that I found really powerful, you could repeat this in front of a mirror (unless that’ll make you start scrying or thinking crazy stuff - that’s happened to me - in which case use a photo) - that phrase is:

“I make a renewed commitment to myself.”

Try it.

Also, try this core affirmation by Robert Bruce: “I am loved and I am worthy. I am safe and I am free. I am powerfully protected. I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.”

Try those, and I’m going to send you a link for something to get your mid working in healthier directions.


Guys i know im nentally ill but look i just yesterday wrote some stuff down it was a huge offering that i was going to offer to the spirit , just now before i woke up he appears in dream , the only thing i remember is him yelling and telling me how annoyed he is with me! And he wants me dead! He has told me i have a little time left and im not safe anywhere. This is beyond reparable its the time to panic and call on some ppwerful spirits to aid me.
Apriest is useless they arent real people of god , there exorcism is useless for this , ive had occultist well into the occult call beings for me to get protection and with no avail. December and maybe hanuary are theast couple months i have i plan to leave home for awhile until i have enough protection to safely return , he promises me death in lrison i believe him and im scared , he showed me visions of hell ,the real hell im falling in a huge pitfall and mountainsized rocks are int he path we are falling, vissions of me being purple and black with a glowing redish color signifying death i asked him this Spirit (insert his name here) i cant say his name he dictated not to, are you testinv me? If so i failed please return back to a normal bussiness manner, i offer you a deer to resolve this issue we are having, he replie with a dream as always of him screaming at me and depicting his extreme annoyance with me. I posted this to get help , archangel michael should be able to banish him.
Now im doubting it because of tge level of anger he is in , archangel michael arrives and looks at him and speaks with him and they both agree because of his anger . Dude im fucked byt if im on the street i think ill be sfafeer for a bit longer

On the street as in homeless? Or wandering about?

I am concerned for your safety, is there anyone who can talk to you in your offline life right now?

Wake the fuck up, stand up for yourself, don’t be a little bitch.

From my own experience and from reading about it, Lucifer is very keen on NOT bowing down to anyone. And you are nearly crawling before this spirit.

In fact, I believe his annoyance with you is that you keep on freaking out and not taking a stand for yourself.

Killing you? Seems like he wants to kill your weakness. And that is good.

And if it isn’t actually Lucifer (completely possible), you are still basically writhing before the spirit.

I dislike saying this, but man the fuck up. Work on yourself, on your confidence, on your power.

Have some damn pride in yourself.

Ground yourself, logically analyze the situation, and figure shit out from a place of power, not from a state of panic.

P.S [quote=“Lady_Eva, post:89, topic:19639”]
I am concerned for your safety, is there anyone who can talk to you in your offline life right now?



I do agree, and don’t worry about being crazy with this @goldcoins - this is kind of true:

Take ALL your focus and face him down, command your own realm.

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@goldcoins do you have any idea who your ancestral gods may be, based on where some or all of your ancestors came from? They may also help, since you’re in such an extreme state over this.

I Agree about Lucifer being a very understanding Spirit . I 've never worked with him myself but know one some who has for many years now ’ I Have always felt a warm Welcome from him when every talking with Lucifer do agree with other posters that if you make any kind of Deal are pact with a Spirit you should honor your word

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No i know the barons my head spirit as told by one hougan, . Im going to give libation in feww days to see if they can assist me , i also have a doubt to work with loa not only are they dangerous and can and probably kill me but you need to serve them and do al this other stuff for them , but i do wonder what they will give me for a african lion sacrifice lol
You want me to command Lucifer?

YES, and I think that until you do, you will continue to have problems!

IMO that post Fire made is spot-on - not fluffy, but accurate.

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I tried to command him and no i got into a bit of a trouble situation, i think im fucked , gave me dreams of the state pennetantiary , ive oy got a feww months left to live

Let me tell you how it’s gonna go - you’ll continue freaking out and running all over the place for a few months, contacting a shitload of spirits like a headless chicken, until you either assume your power and do the right, intelligent thing or you get your ass handed to you.

Good luck.

  1. Buy acid
  2. Wait til full moon
  3. Do acid
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

Yeah, probably don’t do acid though… :rolling_eyes:

Sit down, put tips of your fingers together, and repeat I AM, try to get centred in yourself.

Seeing a doctor is really important, they can do medical advice, I can only do magickal advice, that’s one method along with the many others you’ve been given by now.


Can someone ask him to see what he tellz you

I’m just…baffled, by this thread, and I have experienced quite dark stuff over the years. More physical and more intimidating than this, actually. You wanna know the difference, @goldcoins? You are scared shitless by your experience. I wasn’t.

Just look at this lovely gif:

Add an even more grotesque manifestation to the concept of a “Grudge”-like character under your sheet, which just makes this gif adorable in comparison. The result of my experience: She cried, because I wasn’t afraid of her.

My point is: Darkness isn’t always what it looks like, and some of our experiences are metaphorical, rather than literal. Are you gonna be afraid of your experience, or are you gonna man up and ascend through this? Fear doesn’t take you anywhere, and don’t mix up that word with being afraid. It’s ok to be afraid of the unknown, and there’s rarely a repercussion from that. Right now, you’re bending over to fear, rather than admitting that you are afraid or intimidated and chose to deal with it anyway. Put one foot on the shore and the other at the sea, instead of diving right through.


Maybe do more research on the occult like a sensible fellow instead of freaking out like a babbling fool. @goldcoins


I can confirm the following

Coins is not all there in the head and he is said to mess with magic in an improper way. Having said that I don’t believe this story.

The reason for this as is follows, why would God care what lucifer does to you unless you’re in good with God.

If you are having a spiritual problem with demons I suggest going ahead and talking to ST Michael or Saint Cyprian

Also you could just talk to a dr, they offer free services.

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I’m not sure anymore what to make of this.

I don’t think this is Lucifer but a very low vibrational being that is using your fear to give itself more and more power over you.

Just tell the spirit to leave, stand up and say I’m not scared of you or your bullshit anymore.

I see that your terrified and let’s be honest, outside of visions/dreams what damage has been caused? Your being controlled and terrorised through the mind, nothing physical is happening.

It seems like this is all in your head, if you plan on going insane just carry on summoning every single being you can think of and see if that helps???

If this being is so angry just tell it to calm down a little and see what it actually does want. I cannot give any advice via experience but from what I have read Lucifer wouldn’t do this to you.

Also if you want it removed try you tubing Bob Larsen he seems to remove “demons” worth a try?

Just please stop asking other spirits to get involved. This must really be infuriating to this spirit YOU made a pact with.


your problem is clearly christianity, has this vengeful spirit murdered you yet or have you figured out that you shouldn’t be such a pussy?

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