In trouble with Lucifer

Yeah your right , you wouldnt be able to help?

The only person who can break out of this is you, by finding that authority and anger within to COMMAND the harassment stops.


What kind of dogma is this? It’s like something taken from the movie Omen, and you act like one of Damien’s victims. Third party involvement works best when the relationship with the spirit - in this case, Lucifer - is established through one of your astral perceptions. You just flung that frisbee in darkness, and look who caught it!

Maybe reverse your fear to something else? Maybe to something like…curiosity? Maybe you should be more indifferent to the approaches you receiving from him? All though I’m not a fan of people being indifferent as a general reaction, but regarding spirits more dark manifestations, it’s an excellent defense to make them put their guards down.


Shit ! Its goona get me , i tell s me in fewe months maybe untill march so i still got a bit of time

I’m no expert, but I have had my fair share of experiences with malevolent entities/harsh spiritual teachers, depending on perspective.

Everybody here has given you such sound advice, and several options, but you keep repeating the same thing. You are clearly locked in a loop of fear, and you must accept that it is your responsibility to BREAK free of this cycle.
Don’t make this any more complicated than it already is by calling upon other entities/angels/God.

You are sending out a very clear message on the astral plane that you can be manipulated. You must remember your internal power, and the power of your will. Before you continue down this path, I would say that this is paramount.
Remember your STRENGTH, because right now it seems that you are laying back for these entities.
Allow this experience to make you a stronger person. You have the choice not to be a victim.


Personally i do not fear death. Lucifer knew this long ago

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Here try this evoke lucifer to physical manifestation say verbatum " Lucifer, Fear and death do not scare me. I accept that i will indeed die and that i cannot help. Because i am a mortal. I call you to show me what i truly fear and give me strength to overcome it" THIS IS MY DESIRE. SHOW ME LIGHT BRINGER WITH UNDERSTANDING. So that i may be stronger.

I bet you anything. You will be shown your worst fears the internal will become external and right before your very eyes.


Ok ill di that tonight , i know im being repatatitive but i fucking losing my marbles here and they just keepp coming for a whole month everyday hes given me dreams

I have not read the whole thread yet, few bits and pieces here and there :stuck_out_tongue:

You should not have entered into a pact without doing your R&D. If you want it broken or altered, you should be working with the same entity that you started the whole affair with. Don’t bring in any third party. Take this as a learning experience and do better next time.

However, you lack wisdom to find a solution to the current situation at a hand. There is one book “Grimoire Sympathia - Workshop of the Infinite”. It has few sigils. Find the sigil of the Emerald and meditate/invoke it. Ask it for a solution that is beneficial for you as well as Lucifer. Once you invoke the sigil of emerald for few days, solution might come to you in ways I cant imagine now. Also, try the sigil of st johns wort to eliminate fear, you can try others as well that are listed in there. I suggest you give it a try and see if it works for you.

Hope it helps you :slight_smile: .


Dude lucifer does not need anyone’s permission to do anything. You should do some banishings to rid yourself of whatever is pretending to be Lucifer and meditate how what you really believe in. Because this sounds like Christian brainwashing gone very bad…sorry man.


Ive tried all this he doesnt give a ckear answer at all the clearest answers he gives when i ask him is prison drreams and stabbing dreams,yesterday i asked for forgive ness and they were random dreams , said sorry but we will “kill” you

Invoke the sigil of emerald once man, you never know what might work for you until you give it a try :wink: .

If you are pissed on someone, he comes to you and says Im sorry, would you forgive him just like that??

Just try to find out what offering Lucifer likes, make list of them and offer him what you can from the list. In a nutshell offer him something for the his troubles. It might help you.

Other approach would be to make him an offering, and ask him, what you did wrong and how you can correct it, be genuinely sorry for the mess you have created and do your best to solve the problem in a way that works for both of you. You might get an answer from him.

If you have a better option take it :wink: .

I dont know , i ive tried all thos already it does not seem to work at all and just right now as i awake he gave me a dream where again i get stabbed and this time it looksle the real deal , a black man with a body full of blood , they pulled something from my back pack it was a notebook found me out and didnt agree he then fuclen stabbed me

Everything we say is completely missing the mark, why not go to priest or maybe study Islam, those should give you the peace of mind combined with fear of consequences your psyche may require.


I am honestly trying to help you. This is either Lucifer testing you; or it is an imposture created by your steadfast beliefs. (I’m leaning more towards the later in this situation.) The solution for both is the same, believe me when I say you have the power to banish any force that influences your life in the negative. You are the god of your domain of maya.

but I fully agree with @Lady_Eva . You have been given multiple solutions through the forum, If you feel like you don’t have the power to banish this alone, seek a priest or what ever your religious persuasion is.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck :slight_smile: :coffee:


Just gonna throw out that this user has openly admitted to being in mental asylums previously in his life before this episode started. I think he needs another form of help. I’m in no form trying to offend you goldcoins, just helping the other users out in possibly finding a fix.


I do think they may want to see a therapist. Or something on that order.


I got mental problems but the situation is real , im taking in advice i see therapist three times a week and take daily medication , i stay away from drugs and now i stay away from magick , i have the spirit either tricking me or really after me , i got one last sution that i will present to him in few wekk or days

That might be something he should pm rather than just put out in the open. not a good idea to let a whole bunch of black magicians and who only knows who else learn what meds he is on.


You don’t have to remove the question I’m just saying he might want to reply in a pm rather than open forum