In the Devil’s Clutch

I had a strange dream earlier. Usually if I feel tired during the day I’ll feed on someone or whatever energy I have stored in my crystal, make some coffee, and power through the day. But this time I felt an overwhelming need to collapse into the darkness of sleep. So I gave in and took a nap. What follows is a strange dream I had during this nap. Anyone have insights as to what it might mean?

I’m speaking to an older woman I’ve never met. She’s known to have psychic abilities. When she I looks at me, an indigo light flashes in front of her and she disappears into a vaporous mist. The room darkens, the indigo light becomes what looks like an eye, and her voice begins to speak to me. She says, “I see you. You’ve got a lot of stuff going on around you. Don’t worry. Satan has you.”

Suddenly the dream becomes extremely vivid. I’m in a large area that looks like the foyer of a castle. I’m aware of a large, scaly, blackish-grey arm wrapped around my stomach. On my left I can see large, crystal-white spikes coming from somewhere on the creature, and on my right is a long tail covered in the same dark scales with a blue flame burning at the tip of it.

Hot breath pours into my ear as a deep voice that strikes fear into my core begins to speak to me in some foreign tongue. My heart is pounding because the literal Devil is holding me, but I also try to calm myself down and remember that this is my ally in darkness. Suddenly, I notice the actual words he’s speaking to me. “…tooata… nonucafe jimicalazodoma… larasada tofejilo…”

I have a couple strange dreams succeeding this on the way out of sleep, each one feeling more “half awake” than the last, until I find myself waking up from a sort of sleep paralysis. When I look up Satan’s words, they belong to the nineteenth enochian key.


Cant really tell ya what I think, Since i’ve got no clue, but this feels like a good thing!


Its written in a few books but i believe there is a translation in english in this one so maybe look it up and have look.

The Best of the Equinox, Enochian Magic
By Aleister Crowley


Thanks. This was very helpful.

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The visions seem to be a messsge your ritual requests have been heard. The castle and dragon with scales indicates a warning with your ritual and Lucifer will aceede to your quest for prescience and knowledge.

The incantation is a quote from LeVay’s Satanic Bible the Nineteenth Key: “provided you for the government of the Earth, and her unspeakable variety; furnishing you a power of understanding to dispose all things according to the providence of Him that sitteth on the Infernal Throne.”