In the circle with the nine - Poem on becoming,with the gatekeepers

“as i enter the eternal darkness
of the abyss
i enter the eternal lake
my flesh is burned away
i am no longer a man
i shall be a god
the gatekeepers i call one by one
belial,amaymon,azazel,abaddon,lucifuge rofocale,asmodeus,baal,beelzebub satan
i am no longer a slave,but i am the commanding force
the personified abyss
the gatekeepers all chant
alash tad alash tal alashtu
and other tongues
i levitate and being pulled torwards the pit
be one with the abyss
the nine are around me,they all chant
tongues that no mind can understand
but only the god mind
this is the night of transformation
from man to god
all that before i rouse to power
i shal be darkness and devoured by hellfire
i shall be dead in damnation and resserected by damned flames and shadows
as i scream by life scorching flames,resisting to the very edge
darkness comes
no sight no sound
death came
in that darkness i make light
hellfire ressects me
the immortal birth has begun
the nine forsaken arise
and begun chanting
words of power
i rise with them from shadows and magma
my fury and urges are shouting my will into existence
i shall be the pressere and resistance upon all existence
no chain resist me,no illusion is seen upon my eyelids
no force nor god decides my path execpet me and my trusted ones
i am one with darkness and all
with the nine
i rise as the inner formed abyss
black flames burn my heart full with passion
upon my path,i rise with strengh
alash tad alash tal al’ashtu”


Is it just a simple poem, or is it spiritual enlightenment as its purpose?

Its a poem

most of them are my magickal expirience expressed as a poem

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love your posts man

good work

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thank you
means a lot