In search of a Magister

Not new to magic, just a bit confused. In need of a bit of spiritual guidance.

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If anyone claims to be a Magister, they are probably full of crap. :wink:

What are your goals? :smiley:


I’d like to learn how to summon and work with spirits. I only know a few simple things like candle magic, jars, scrying.
I have been told by Papa Legba, Ekeko that my blood is too sweet. With djinns i have a really bad experience.
I do not know which direction to follow.

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What is your material-world goal? If you woke up with a magic (sic) wand tomorrow, what 3 wishes would you cast? :smiley:

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  1. Have my daughter live with me again and far and safe from her father.
  2. Become strong enough to protect her from any harm.
  3. Be able to read people’s minds and act accordingly:curse them or bless them.


He;s your guy here, no shit, no Magister, I knew I saw online to see this at the moment for a reason!

He has had BIG successes on here with righteous custody cases. :+1:

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thank you, i will look into it and let you know how it goes.

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Post on here with questions or anything. :+1:

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A cold bottle of gin, a cold bottle of tonic water and some salted nuts.


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