In Regards to EA's ref "doing a working to connect up with someone" as diff rite

I’m not sure if EA might read this, or at the least what any others might have thought about this, if it was noticed. I noticed how in past interviews (“thought freq”) as well as in EA’s “the Occult History and Artistry of My Books” on YouTube, and in the Nate B Interview with Magus-
EA mentions how what lead to “the Spider and the Green Butterfly” was his interest in “voodoo” looking into it, and then he “did a rite to connect up with someone” deeply involved in the current.

[and after getting contacted by Baron dePrince, who saw EA’s prev titles- thus his name/contact was out there- then EA found out that at the same time he was doing his Working to summon/connect up, Baron dePrince was also doing his own Working to find someone to work with and perhaps pass his info on to…]

 Interesting how it worked out- but the point I wonder is if that type of working was different in Kind or Qual from say MoneyorLove (ie bringing Funds, finding a situation of others to work with, one to be in a relationship with- of whatever kind)- thus ea of those really is to find another person...   but would finding a teacher/mentor and-or System to learn from/integrate with be different, or just a Sigil Sending or Evocation.

Especially if one was looking to find and contact a “current” that flows which is fully “new to you” -ie not what you have been exposed to nor even on the edge of your exper or cultural-contact… but truly Else.
And thus how best to emot-Visualize that feeling of what you are seeking- the idea being it would be new and yet pre-existing out there in the world (and that would be looking for someone like your-self to integrate with).

You know, it works like any other attraction ritual… only it’s usually much more simple.

You can do the same thing for more mundane purposes: if you’re looking to sell your house, you can attract someone who is looking to buy a house, or vice versa.

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