In regards about someone's death and how she affected some things/messages appearing

It will be an extremely long and exhausting post that I will make, but just in that way I’ll be feeling better.


It is about an old lady that my parents know since a looong time. All the things were ok with her, till the moment she got hit by a cerebral cardiovascular accident an year ago or so. She stayed in the hospital for a considerable amount of time because of that, her whole left side of the body got paralyzed, it started to be difficult for her to walk, she needed crutches or something like that. After a period of time she found out that she has some health problems, she stayed in hospital for another period of time. 1 Month ago she got hit by another cerebral cardiovascular accident and entered in a coma… (2 days ago she died, she was connected at the medical equipment and was being kept alive by those)

I think she was feeling/sensing/knowing the fact that she was near approaching her own death
She and her husband started travelling to places and visiting places… Did she know that she’s about to die? All the people start doing that kind of things which lead to self fulfillment so that he/she will die without any regrets. My parents even travelled once with them and made some photos. My parents were observing the fact it’s difficult for her to walk and that she had a weak immune system. (when they travelled with them) Btw I can remember that I was home alone and that I was able to do everything I wanted.

She had been nice to me, but I was a douchebag

Sometimes she was stopping me on the street to talk with me. She was asking me about my mother, asking what my mother is doing, how my mother is feeling and all that stuff, telling me to tell my parents to visit her, etc. I can remember once when I’ve just left from school and I took a seat on a bench and she was asking me things, for example she asked me at which highschool I’d like to be assigned, (it was with 1 month or so before the school was ending) I remember that I told her that response “whenever I can see” . (that has been the most recent time when she stopped on the street to talk with me, it was 3 months ago or so) At least I entered at a good highschool (with some help from Vapula :wink:) , it would have been nice to tell her that I got assigned at a good highschool.

  • How I’ve been a douchebag?

    2 days before, it was at dark, around 10 PM and my parents got a phone from her family and they were telling that she’s in a very bad state, were telling that 1 of her lungs failed to resist or something (she was left with just 1 functionable lung), one of her daugther (she was crying and sad) was talking to my mom and explained her all those things and yeah… It was really emotional. Almost immdeditately after my mom finished the call, she started to cry and was saying things like “she’s dying, she’s about to die” (she=the old lady). I was upset about the fact that my mom started to cry and I told her that she’ll die first. And yeah, the next day my brother called on our home landline phone and asked if our mother is home (to which I responded him with a negative answer) and then after some time he called again (my mom arrived home) and he talked with my mom and told my mom that this old lady died… I started to feel guilty about what I said last night, it’s a little shocking when you lose someone suddenly. (it wasn’t really suddenly, but you got the idea)

An interesting thing - my brother appeared in a vision that I had almost a week ago.

Animals predicting events
In the nigth my parents got informed about the fact that it’s unlikely that this old lady will further live, my parents reported that they started hearing an owl as they were thinking about her and my mom started to be frightened and bla bla bla. The impression that this old lady will die got even stronger… The animals are known for predicting bad events, the death of a human, disasters, ghosts/entities/poltergeist activity.

At least she got freed by torments

That old lady didn’t have the most happy life… Whenever I went with in visit there she was getting insulted, blamed for everything by almost anyone. (by her kids, by her stupid husband) Also her stupid husband was beating her, he even cut her… And there are many details, but this idiot made her last years of life being horrible and should be punished in some way or another for that. If she’d have died just directly would have been the best thing. (after staying 1 month in a coma and a lot of torments, I don’t think that it’s worth to live ) At least I feel awesome that she’s no more in suffering. Btw, she died at 56-57, my parents are younger with just 4-5 years.

Now it comes the part in which some messages in regards about her death were shown

  • The fact that my parents got announced by her death while they were thinking about her via the fact that the owl (it wasn’t an owl, whatever it was, I don’t know how it is called in english, it was a bird and was singing/making sounds) started to make sounds. When I heard my parents reporting that thing, it appeared out of nowhere in my mind a part of a behemoth song playing… BEHEMOTH 'Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel' Official Video (Uncensored) - YouTube 4:02-4:35. It’s similar and comparable to how a bird would sing.

  • Even from the start of this music video it could be seen a girl dressed in white. (white reffering to purity, to virginity, to innocence, to the untouched mind of a kid, to a kid -I think there in the video it makes a refference to an underage girl, and even in the start first lyrics it is mentioned “I saw the Virgin’s cunt spawning forth the snake”) - In our case, it is about innocence. (she endured many things)

  • At 0:34 it could be seen a wolf appearing, very similar to a t shirt that I have… I was shirtless and that t shirt was just next to me on the radiator as I was watching and listening to that music video multiple times (to get a better understanding of it) when I got suprised to see that wolf.

    Also the music video it’s black and white, just like my shirt. I said that I will avoid wearing it because of that, but unfortanetly I’m wearing it now… That t shirt also has some meanings to my brother :slight_smile: It bringed him luck in the past.

  • Oh, I didn’t mention that this old lady has 3 sons and 2 daugthers. All of them are in their early 30s and last 20s. So, on my shirt it could be represented those 3 sons as wolves. I think that a male in his last 20s-early 30s would be a strong refference to a wolf.

  • There it appears a symbol that appeared to me 1 week ago (I observed that there was a drawing on some sorts and then I realized that it was mine and that I made it when I was little)… I drew that symbol when I was 6-7 on a wardrobe, it is about that triangle turned upside down and with an eye in the center.

  • It appears a sheep then. (later that sheep in that video is sacrificed/killed) And yeah, I made recent post in which I mentioned about the animal sacrifice, the sacrifice of sheeps. Then @HellDevil also mentioned about the sacrifice of some sheeps. voice crack He mentioned that he’s from India and also that video from liveleak takes place in India.

  • Also that sheep/lamb is reffering to the son of man and how he sacrificed himself for us and shit like that. That old lady in our situation being a messiah in some way or another. Ahaha and no, I don’t worship some Abrahamic religion. It is also mentioned in the lyrics that the sheep/lamb makes somehow refference to the messiah. “Looked down on son of God snuffed in vain”

  • “snuffed in vain” could also be related to the death of someone, and there it does.

  • There it could be observed a big, sharp knife.

    And there it could be seen that big, sharp knife raised over that fake body of a pig.

    That makes some connection to the fact that this old lady got cut. Btw, also in the past I used to have always with me a big, sharp knife till my family found out that and took it and told me that I’m crazy. (I was using it just for LBRP)

  • Another thing in regards about that would be the lyrics. Which have a really big connection to some things that happened.
    “I saw the Virgin’s cunt spawning forth the snake” - Yesterday I saw on a tv channel (it was around 11 PM) a huge female anaconda giving life to other smaller anacondas, it were so many!
    Another thing would be that at 3 AM in the morning I got bored (because no one was responding to my other recent thread) and yeah… I watched some zoo porn and there I found a video with a girl that was having her body (especially on the tits) coiled by a big anaconda and there it was a guy and that guy fucked that big anaconda snake. (all my attention was caught when that guy started to fuck that anaconda :))) )
    Then in the video it also gets mentioned directly that theme which appeared to me:
    “Let wine of Sodom fill our mouths
    Hosanna (Hosanna)
    May sin of Gomorrah grace our hearts”
    We all know what was happening in those cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, men started living with other men, women started living with other women, people started living with animals.
    Also there it appears a biblical refference there, being mentioned “Hosanna” (through that word praising in some way the abrahamic god) :“They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting: Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the king of Israel!” (John 12:13)

*Another thing which appeared out of nowhere to me in regards about the song would be that ItemFix - Social Video Factory and also the virginity is also mentioned somewhere in the comments of the video :)) , just like in the song, “I saw the Virgin’s cunt” !

  • Another link in regards about the song and the whole theme would be that

  • Another thing that appeared out of nowhere is that, I started to scream when I saw that video! The Big Bad Wolf - tattoo time lapse - YouTube

  • After some time I started to listen to that song from Megadeth, Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - YouTube, I didn’t know the lyrics, now I just found the lyrics, lol.
    “Ask the sheep for their beliefs------->that makes a good refference for that behemoth song.
    Do you kill on God’s command?”
    “Don’t look now to Israel —> “Israel” also got mentioned in the biblical verse mentioned earlier.
    It might be your homeland”

A detail which I think that many of you observed
Did you observe that after someone dies it starts to rain in more than 90%? (that happens especially in the moment the funerals take place) In the cases in which is not raining, it means (from what I’ve observed) that the person that died it was just a pain in the ass for others and that no one cares about his/her death. Today it rained a lot, that also happened in my dream. (the dream in which it was a violent/destructive storm that was able to destroy almost everything)

So, what you all are thinking? I’d like to hear about similar stories! I know for a fact that it will happen again to not get any response to my thread and maybe make others hate me. But I’ll be proud and happy if I helped at least 1 individual with that thread in some way or another. At least I’m feeling released of my guilty because I wrote all those things. (To write all that thread and for me to gather all those things it took 6-7 hours or even more)

Another point that I didn’t mention is the fact that at some points in that music video from behemoth, some scenes appear to be in the forest, the wolf is seen in the forest. Ahaha, and in this video The Big Bad Wolf - tattoo time lapse - YouTube that appeared out of nowhere to me it could be seen how those 2 things get combined in 1, the forest and the wolf.

Sodom and Gomorrah got mentioned again in a tv show that I watched last night and the fire appeared again. In that tv show everyone was thinking that it will come the apocalypse and that they have just 3 hours and a half to live and they didn’t know exactly how to spend their last moments. There it was a crazy character that hit and then burned a “monument” that another (an alcoholic, he was known as the biggest alcoholic from his village) character has built. Then this crazy character said that the apocalypse is coming and it will come just because of the fact that the other character has built that thing. That crazy character started to scream “You made a big sin! This is why the apocalypse comes! You built an idol and then invoked Satan! You invoked Satan! You invoked Satan! (then this crazy character started to hit that thing with a shovel and with his leg) Die Satan! Die Satan! I want Fierbinti (the place in which the action takes place) to burn like Sodom and Gomorrah, we are sinners! We built idols! (then he lights that thing and it burns) You sinners, you built an idol!” - the fire theme also gets mentioned there, haha.

I forgot to mention that exactly after that it appeared a dialogue between 2 men in which both of them are talking about the fact that they never had any luck with women. One of them starts to say “if I was a woman, I’d have married with you and made 4 kids with you from the moment I would have seen you on the street”, then the other says “if I was a woman, I’d have have married with you and made 8 kids with you and then renounced to my career just for you”, and then both decided to become each other’s wife and forgive the mistakes they did in the past to each other because the end of the world was approaching in less than 3 hours.