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So a few minutes ago, I saw a post from someone saying that they have received negative treatment on this site due to disagreed opinions. I couldn’t comment on the post because it was blocked. This site, and the people on it, have been mostly good to me, but I can understand that someone may not have the same experience and to me that’s not good.

I’d like to remind everyone who and what we are. We (or most of us) are practitioners of the left hand path. We are followers of gods, demons, and whatever else we choose. Our goal is ascension, and I don’t know about you, but to me ascension means we give up shallow things like trolling, harassing, and generally being negative online. We allow differing paths and opinions. I sometimes see things I don’t agree with on here. If there’s a post on Christians practicing magick, I politely express “I don’t recommend it.” And sometimes you may disagree with the things I say or do.

This may just be my opinion, but the fact that we’re magicians to me means we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard than regular humans. We can’t be free from mental and spiritual servitude if we allow ourselves to act and behave in the same shallow mindset of an unenlightened slave.

Once again, this site’s been good to me and I just want it to be good to others. I’m sorry for the moralist rant, but let’s make Lucifer proud and be respectful.


That was a troll post mocking this forum over a line that is actually in the default rules for this PLATFORM, it is like mocking a person who has a Facebook account because of something in Facebook’s generic ToS, I left the post live for a few minutes hoping the OP would see that response for which I provided proof the thing they mocked us over was a generic T&C phrase, and then locked it.

Please do not fall for this desire to create division on here. :+1:

These people are not our friends, they are here because of some dumb badly-researched YouTube video. This is the topic:

If you see a problem, or someone being treated badly, it is your responsibility to use the flag function. :+1:


You see, this is why I say the forum has been good to me. Troll or not (I suspected but still wanted to make sure) this is the sort of civilized response I enjoy seeing.


You’re welcome, I strive for transparency.

Remember that member-moderation is in action on here, so use the flag icon (beneath the three dots … at the bottom of every post and PM) if you spot a problem, that bumps it right to the top of the forum’s notifications and makes it easy to sort things out fast - flags are private and you will be notified what happened as a result of your flag. :smiley:

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Certainly this site’s better than Vampire freaks.

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A user who joined about 2 hours ago and chose the username “Thisplaceisacult” made his first post within 1 hour about why this place isn’t very friendly… :rofl:

He’s most definitely not a troll! :joy:


I didn’t get a good look at the name but I see it now.

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Americans eat cows. Indians consider cows sacred. Americans have puppies and kittens as pets. Vietnamese eat them.
If you can see the point Im making, then you understand. If you cannot, then you are still thinking like a large part of the masses.