In Need of Help

So a relative of mine has psychosis and I’m not sure how to deal with it.

She hears voices inside her head that tell her to do bad things, that say bad things. There’s a long history of violence with my family and it could be all the stress of the past that’s happened to her (Not going into details) and it’s pretty fucked up. I gave her some advice told her to mediate, not like it’s going to help her clean the psychosis but it has something to do with the mind, I told her she needs to take back control of that wheel, in the mean time while she mediates I would try and find something that might be able to completely cure it or at least make her mind a little stable. Honestly it was actually great speaking to her. She seemed like her usual self for a moment, so perhaps maybe I’m actually helping with something.

I used to follow her everywhere she went when I was kid, she’s basically another sister to me. She even calls me her brother, I think it’s time that I returned the favour to her and get rid of that shit she has.

There’s a history of abusive violence, also it could be a spirit that may have triggered it. Two possible factors.

Before she had that breakdown. She told she heard footsteps coming up the stairs of where she used to live, I always used to get this creepy feeling of that house. Like something wasn’t right about it. Could it be that a sinister spirit has something to do with it? I mean I’ve heard stuff there, I had some really strange dreams. You can’t always assume it’s a spirit though, so I always dismissed it. This is before I was a Black Magician as well, my other relatives that used to live said there was something not quite right there but never truly gave me examples.

I’m not sure what else to say, or what to do. My first thought was to get a photo of that house and cleanse it, same for my relative.

Any ideas, advice? If you have questions, I’ll answer and I could always ask my relative the same questions.

Thank you in advance.

Mental illness and posession can look very similar. The tell is, if you do an exorcism and nothing happens it’s mental illness, but if the illness suddenly goes away it was an entity.

There’s a lot of good info in Josephine McCarthy’s book ‘The Exorcists Handbook’ that gives you some how-tos. Her worldview doesn’t match a lot of western occultist thought these days, but I think her info on the actual astral/journey work to find and get rid of the entity works fine.



She seems to be fine, but I’m going to make sure she is 100%.

So I can Tick things off, I’m going to buy that book.