In need of help from someone experienced

Hey guys. So just for a bit of context, currently I’m in a bit of a bad spot in my life (which I made a thread about some time ago) and I’ve been doing an evocation almost every night in order to fix things. Last night I performed my longest evocation yet to Lucifer, bringing out as much of my emotion as I could. The issue is that I honestly have no idea if my evocation even worked. I didn’t experience anything too unusual, and i used the sigil charging method in EAs evocation course. This is fairly important and in order for me to take my mind off the evocation, it would be nice to know if the message was received. I was hoping that someone experienced who has worked with Lucifer before would be able to confirm for me that the message was received. I really wish I could do all this myself, but my astral senses just aren’t where they need to be, and given the importance of this…I thought it wouldn’t hurt me to ask.


You calling on a spirit everyday is not the best way to handle things. Things take time. You also have to put in as much work yourself when necessary. Don’t sit and wait for things. Sometimes A. You need to handle things yourself before they help you. B. This transition or experience is a must that you need to endure. C. You are being tested.

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Lucifer got the message.

Ive already done all that i can. That is the reason why i turned to magic to begin with

@AdamThoth Thanks a lot

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I have found that Seals consecrated with bodily fluid(s) and chanting help to call in spiritual entities. If you make yourself a set of all natural material beads and use these, it can help. Although oral chanting is best, you can still sit on the bus, hand in pocket, eyes closed and yelling the words in your mind to the ends of the multiverse. A lot of it is getting you in sync with the spirit.

As for consecrating with bodily fluids, i use a safety match and usually chew the foot into a brush which I use to paint the fluid onto what I’m consecrating - assuming I want to use spit with whatever else I’m using. Choose from spit, blood, menstrual blood (no karma), sexual fluids, perspiration, urine, faeces, vomit, phlegm, pus or combinations of same.

For Lucifer use blood and spit. Prick your finger, chew safety match foot into a brush, dip into finger blood and apply to Seal. Suck pricked finger clean. Done! How hard was that?



Speaking of evokation of Lucifer did I ever give you the Clairaudience technique and the spirit eavesdropping exercise? If not just reind me via PM.

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Well I’ve used blood in the past. Personally I didn’t notice any difference but I do realize blood/body fluids can enhance the ritual.

@AdamThoth I don’t believe you have, but I’d love to learn. I’ve actually begun doing that blue ray meditation that EA made a video on in order to help open my third eye…But im open to other techniques

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Opening The Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye is a relatively easy exercise but one which may lead to a constricted feeling in your head and/or headaches. Nonetheless, the discomfort is worth it, primarily because having an open and active Third Eye will allow you to more effectively divine, experience spirits and perceive the future, amongst other things.


Massage your third eye windershins. Get the blood up there. Sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths. Vibrate at least five (5) times - but not more than nine (9) - the word TOH (pronounced TOE). Before beginning to vibrate TOH the tongue should be touching your front teeth as it would be if you were just about to say ‘The’.

Vibration of words can only be learnt by experience and this exercise will help because you will know by the way you feel if you are vibrating correctly. For this reason it is advisable that you vary your vibratory method until you know you are performing it correctly – and you will!

Feel the air of your breath enter your body and imagine that it travels to your feet. Your whole being is now filled with the breath of life. As you vibrate the sound of TOH, know that it thunders from your feet, through your body and outward into the far corners of the multiverse. Unlike other exercises where you are required to concentrate upon the words you vibrate, TOH is used only because it vibrates at the correct rate and frequency to open the Third Eye. There is no meaning to the sound.

You will know you are performing this exercise correctly when you feel the vibration inside your head, particularly a few centimetres above your nose (where your Third Eye is located). After the conclusion of the exercise you may experience some discomfort in your cranium. This cannot be helped. The entire exercise takes a relatively short time to be successfully completed.

Uncle Al.


Wonderful description Uncle Al!

Can you help me to understand why king paimon as suddenly come into dreams and thoughts as I am all at a sudden interested in what is happening

I think faith plays a big part in this. I desperately needed help and when I called to Lucifer I just knew he had heard and didn’t question it. I only had one intense experience from him where he let me know damn well he was there but I don’t expect that every time. When I ask him to come to me again like that the message I receive is " you need to work to come to ME." Working on astral senses of course.
Pay attention to little details. I know personally he’s very understanding and patient and will clue you in but it may not be some big experience. It’s all in the details.

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It’s normal for the spirits to visit you in dreams or any way they can make their presence known given your perceptual limitations.