In desperate need of help

so i’m staying with a family member who has people using our home as a battery to steal our energy and spiritually abuse the people in the home. how do i remove them from accessing our home. i’ve tried cleansing in so many different ways but they keep abusing our energy. please i need help.

Have you set up wards and shields? Cleaning is all fine and good but it simply removes the negative energy and it doesn’t stop it from coming back.


I always use black tourmaline (raw or polished) and I wear it. The bigger, the better. It will seriously sabotage a huge part of that egative energy that people carry or attack. Black Tourmaline is to put it simply, one of te most awesome gemstone out there available to help us. I Was also able to communicate with some the spirits that are lving inside that stone. Awesome feeling. Wear it on your neck or wrist. f you wish that stone to be hidden our of sight for all people to see, a tumbled stone will help, pick the largest you can find that you can put on your side pocket of your pants or something. BT saved my life a lot of times.

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