In Control Of Thy Self

In Control Of Thy Self.

How many of us have been overwhelmed, whether it be emotional or mental etc.
I can tell you I have had greatly suffered from imbalance, mentally and emotionally.

I was prone to rage I was told I suffer from IED, known as intermittent explosive disorder.
I suffered from psychotic depression, anxiety … You name it.

How many of us loose control due to external influences, people, situations, sounds etc.
We get frustrated, impatient, angry, upset due to the environmental stimuli.

How many of us lack that control, almost all of us. Can you sit in front of someone you hate, while their talking about something you hate and you cannot stand this situation. Can you do all this with a smile and feel peace within yourself ?.

Think about that now, almost all of us will get frustrated, angry or we feel something else but it won’t be peace.

Next time you’re in a situation like this, a situation that makes you’re skin crawl, or you’re hands ball into a fist. You’re legs shaking, biting you’re nails, or whether you explode at the person or cannot take it anymore so you just walk away.

Next time you’re in this type of situation, what if you could be in control, this is what happens.
Not only will you be in control of yourself, but most of the time you’ll be in control of the situation.

Control is vital, I didn’t realize this until I reached a certain maturity. This maturity was reached through meditation and the development of my own consciousness and reaching a state of enlightenment you could say.

We often do things that are counterproductive to our own control. I know many individuals that when something bad happens they feel depressed and sad. Now instead of picking themselves up and creating the adjustments in one’s own emotions and thoughts, do you know what they do ?. That depressed person will listen to depressed music, that sad person will listen to sad music. A angry person will play some violent or angry music.

I have seen this time and time again, friends of mine sitting in the dark crying and listening to depressing music. They then tell me I don’t want to feel depressed anymore whilst crying.

I turn on the lights, give them some tissue and turn off their sad music and they look at me confused. They couldn’t understand that they were worsening their negative situation by placing themselves in a negative atmosphere.

If we learn to face all that life throws at us, whether positive or negative. With control and a smile and peace within ourselves. We will do marvelous thing’s, miraculous things indeed.

Importance Of Control.

If you aren’t in control of yourself, you’re not entirely control of you’re surroundings nor you’re life.

Emotions have energy.
Thoughts have energy.

If you’re in a negative situation and you think and feel negative. Then you’re only adding more negative energy into the negative situation and in turn that creates much more of a negative situation. Then you feel more negative then it repeats it’s self all over again but much worse.

Trapping you in this loop of negativity.
You’ll then begin thinking negatively, adding more negativity into the mix and even when you try to think positively it’s too late because there is too much negativity and not enough positivity.

Learn to control the mind and emotions and watch how you’re life changes.
Watch how greater of a life you live, I’ve been asked what are the secrets to this control.

Are you ready ?.

This is the greatest secret of all, the most hidden, powerful technique …

Not really :joy:MEDITATION.

Daily Meditation.

Combining the principles of control and meditation and then performing you’re rituals is key. Learn to be in control of thy self.




PREACH it! :smiley:

I ask all reading this to consider the following: if the lyrics of your favourite music were to be a spell that comes true through repetition, would you REALLY want the situations and emotions they describe to manifest in your life?

The earliest works we recognise as spells were set to music, because rhythm and harmony embeds things deeply into our minds.

You can probably recall advertising jingles and theme tunes from your childhood, long after forgetting the voices and faces of schoolfriends you loved dearly, and spents endless hours with every week. I can’t remember my lovely grandma’s speaking voice at all, but I can remember the lyrics for the fucking Um Bongo advert perfectly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Choose carefully what you feed your mind.


Great advice. Positive thinking: Reduce stress by eliminating negative self-talk. The power of positive thinking is remarkable. In fact, the idea that your mind can change your world almost seems too good to be true but it does work.

Just like your magic, create a rhyming spell that will entone a positive outcome that you can remember to success and succeed.


i deeply respect you man.

i been through stuff like this,as my self i suffer from depersonalisation and deperealisation discorder from astounding and 24/7 anxiety attacks i even smoked at the age of 12 and did alcohol many times alone,i would quote a lot from this post and reply,but in reality the whole post is great.
i cannot put it on words.


Thank you for this. I don’t know but I think I suck at meditation. How can I improve? When I have my eyes closed.ideas.flood my mind

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Music therapy describes that listening to happy music while sad makes you more sad


Well stated, especially this bit:



You also should be a writer.
Even if English is not my mother tongue, I couldn’t stop reading


Its so hard , I have always been the most positive person I’ve always known . Saw the good in every bad situation yet have been struggling in life for the past 6 years non stop :frowning: everytime I feel the hard times are over I get disappointed again . When im down I don’t listen to sad music , I walk , cook, watch comedy movies , don’t skip my daily rituals, yet the void doesn’t fill , I’m mentally healthy but just so sad these days .

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Yes, because it’s mocking you. The opposite of a thing isn’t always a cure.

Overall people understimate the magickal effect of music on their lives.

Have you tried elimination diets to see if you have an undiagnosed food intolerance? These can sometimes cause low-level inflammation that gets worse over time, affecting the brain, and the mind.

Search depression inflammation for more info.


No that’s not the problem ! I eat and sleep well , only thing I need to avoid is alcohol because of hangover causing depression! Otherwise it’s all the outside factors and reality which isn’t getting better no matter how hard I try

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It is creepy to realize that no matter that I feel myself sad or not, I’ve often pick those kind musics what are contains brutality, war and bloodbath, punishing or speaks about strength (and then in an another moment way different shits).


Am I mad? Of course I am.

It is something like “if I have any problem, you will die because I’m in a shit mood” or I’m just simply get a power raise from destroying things and lives around myself, while my harmful emotions are get drained. It could be an addiction anyway - welp… not that promising. :joy:

I’ve also noticed that I’m usually listen to musics what are got no lyrics. They aren’t “attempts” to lock me behind their meaning, even it can have a lot and we can interpreted it in several ways.

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Lmao, well ain’t that a bitch.

I needed this today, I’m really happy that I came across it. Thank you @C.Kendall.

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So what if you have a specific mental disorder that makes you do certain habits? Would you still recommend the same thing?

I’d still recommend self control, just cause you’ve got a disorder doesn’t mean you cannot maintain control to at least a certain degree.

Doctors I’ve told me so many things about me.

  1. Psychotic Depression
  2. Insomnia
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depersonalisation
  5. IED
  6. Bipolar

The bipolar has run through my family both parents of mine have it too.
Now with that you go through mood swings and various of emotions, beyond my control.

However spiritual disciplines you can adjust one’s own mentality and emotional state.
For even disorders that are extremely difficult to gain control, there are element of control you can take like control mechanisms.


i finded that the "awaken the soul " exercise can bring back the control on yourself

can cure things like this in my own expirience,i would recomend taking a break from things that bring you up and down to really stabise your self and find you back again doing the awaken the soul or something similiar as for the mental discorder ,which are made from beliefs or repeated action,for example Depersonalization is a result of stress related problems,so much stress that the body and mind decides to not feel it anymore and dissasociates itself from the “identity”
lucifer had told me a way to cure this in my desire to finally get over that discorder,feel see,hear 5 things in the room open your root chakra and put yourself back with deep breathes then open the heart accept it then bring that energy in the crown and continue that exchange of energy with the intention to let go…
aslo the devil gene alchemy by micah might help i know that @Rory_Mclellan had an expirience like this,you can reprogram that belief system within you
to cure such discorders might be effective but you need to be dedicated and sure of yourself through repeative relief the mind can understand that that deep belief is no longer needed,possibly these are programmed in the unconciouss mind and not in the subconcniouss,the only thing that had to do in my spiritual practices with unconciouss is the working with shax into tarxofias deeper than the roots themselves,according to him tarxofias symboliases the unconciouss.
in working as such the healing of discorders every step and thought about must be carefull,becuase the subconciouss always listens and takes things to literalls,thats why i am saying that in order to heal you must be careful of every thought,this takes me into the conciousness beyond thoughts and feelings that migh be the communion of just being,thinking without thoughts this can symbolise the unconciouss communion he calls is the “light code” which is even beyond what i can express its beyond thoughts and emotions
you can reprogram yourself using the light code.

edit:the “get over it” is not a good term for discorders,i apologise,what i want to mean in this that to simply let go of it.


I have a terrible rage and depression so yes meditation helps a lot lol

Also music tends to be a good stress reliever as well. I find myself listening to heavy metal when I’m upset and it makes me feel better. We need to let our emotions out and not stagnate within us.


Exactly. You’ve made a point @Uncle-Al. That IS energy. We are magicians and we can use this energy for our work. Even depression is energy. Havey and cruel but nevertheless energy. That IS control of ourselves. Thanks for you have underlined this.

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