In Black Vs White magic.... the color is neutral the wave is the intent

I enjoyed the article by timothy; I also applaud the argument by Zoe. In my opinion Magik is: “Omni”.

Timothy, your point is from a very social position, the examples of stereo types being set and brain washing is a distinctive truth, the article would be a superb one for the advancing Neophyte, as the neo is still in conflict with his ego.

“The black mages path”, in my opinion-
Sounds as if you have written it for the mind of those whom only accepts themselves as some form of a “homunculus” (well at least for right now as you included).
They are vying for power, an energy source to tap into to satisfy their ego, which seems motivation for survival.

In lust to be “black” because of their social awkwardness. To be “black” as if in an attempt to mask a loneliness, for some it is a role to play, to be dark all for the sake of being dark.

Yet where to with this power, and where from?

To rule?

To claim?

To love?

That is human. The mortal coil thrives with these conditions met.
To envelop one-self in dark magic completely is to be bane, bane to all things outside of one self, to move or rule a dark hand is to smite the world without relent without bias.

Not because you want your bosses job, or to pay your bills, or to get laid (as some seem so thrilled in using magic to accomplish).

(In no offense to you) I find humor at times in those who cling so tight to the skirts of darkness; as if she was some nursery’s maid hindering the searing light… they seem afraid of embracing their intuitive Feminine.

Yes… a hand can bring harm; truly it can forecast the darkness clouds.

But can it heal, can it cleanse, can it console?

I know the answer to this but what of those who tread only a “banes” path.

The duality exists, within all of us. To claim both is true power. To balance both is the ideal God, not someone one bent on a power struggle where the only enemy is the dying world vs. himself.

I have indeed smote the heels of my enemies, yet for some I have gave them mercy from misery.

I have indeed (with permission) unraveled obstacles, and heal ailments for loved ones, and at times I have watched them suffer for their own benefit.

But I have never claimed a title for my works. I have never looked myself in the mirror and told myself “I am a “Color” Mage; it is my life and is the only path I shall follow”.

That narrow mindedness lacks the true understanding of power, and is bane for spiritual growth. Humility, Modesty, and Restraining yourself to Boast… Ah the rewards of power in those~

the license branded you: “the dark bad sorcerer” by the society you abhor you grant it power to relish within it, you become it as if that is all there is.

perhaps that is the title that some seek… again for the ego.

Crystallization is for knowledge, for experience, not for the path. Because the path is not one but many and interwoven at intervals. The spirit is Omni as is its magik for it is inter-stellar and connects at the root beyond the shell, for that is all it is a shell.

The next time you open yourself for your workings, the next time you light your candle, even the next time you meditate. Ask yourself “am I in working for my higher spiritual purpose, reaching towards an omnipotent path” or “am I just confine to being a black mage because of a selfish self satisfying image, limiting myself to realizing true potential.”

Love it, also your writing is getting really good