In A Conundrum: New Stage in Evocation/Ascent


I was reading EA Koettings, “Evoking Eternity” again for the umpteenth time when i read the chapter on Evoking Legions through Orations or Prayer.

Giving the Abralemin Operation as an Example, EA makes the point that it does not matter what entity you pray to, as long as you are filled with the spirit of that God, Angel, Demon, Djinn, etc. You will still get powerful materializations of said being and what ever it is that you ask for/command.

That, got me thinking. A very dangerous thing for a Demon God to do.


I applied that technique of Spontaneous Evocation through Oration and Evoked Vishnu, giving him the command/prayer to surround me with his legions for the space of 3 days to protect me, strengthen my Demonic power, and Empower my Ascent in the Darkness.

Then I did the same with Belial.

I feel them around me.

The Problem is…


I understand how this is used. But i dont understand how this can be applied to LHP Magic.

Specific Question: How do you offer Oration to an Entity without losing power through Debasing yourself?
(Fyi, im NOT talking about giving a sacrifice. Im talking about hardcore evocation and inspired incantation borderlining on Prayer)
If you are being psychically attacked and feel weak, how do you orate and command without debasing yourself by saying, “I am Weak”?

See what I mean?
In addition to that, when i orate to an entity (especially Satan) I sense this bright, mystical, rhp aura around me.
Strange thing is, even when i was a christian and was BALLS DEEP in prayer i could sense this same Aura and i knew results would come. And they Did.

Is that what they call Faith?

(Ik im sounding completely different than how i normally am. Im still a Demon, just Bear with me :joy:)

At the same time, my Darkness would get MUCH Darker. Like. Dude. Lol

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thnks :metal::metal::metal:


There are different way you can approach it. If you believe that everything in the universe came from the same place that we are made of the same stuff. If you want to become something then it is best to align yourself with that something. So you vibrate at a similar wavelength. That will bring you closer to your higherself and tell the universe what you want and try to attract that to you.

That’s why they say if you want a Porsche go to the dealership and test drive one. Visualize yourself driving that porsche to work everyday. The smell of the seats and the wind blowing in your hair.

Another way to see it Its not like praying to Jesus for example and just expecting everything to just work out on its own.For a god to just do everything for you. You are praying to give yourself the qualities of that spirit. That is not weakness. Its smart they have something you want and you want it for yourself to improve your life.


And this

At first glance is a contradiction. I dont know what “debasing” means, but pehaps this could help.

Whenever you try to get in touch with the divine/infernal (an entity), the way you process this experience depends on two factors:

  1. Perception threshold: In the same way that the surface layer of two energetic fields meet, it is very similar to touch with the skin. Some may feel the touch, others have thicker skin. But when both are open to each other, in these cases the stimulation between the fields is so intense that it overloads the smaller field.

  2. Interpretation: As in perspective, it will change its meaning with the notions you associate with it, but that does not change what they are. You call a dog a “dog” because of the characteristics you perseive of it, others may call it “god” or “koira” and youll be talking about the same animal.

The power of the entity flows through you, but the way it manifests is the direction you give it with your intention, purpose. Do not think about where that power comes from, think about where its heading, you are the focal point. The way you feel the changes of your own energy are not determined by the energy of the entity, you are the one shaping it by the notions that you asocieted with it, but that still doesnt change what it is. When you embody the aspects of an entity, you are still yourself, in this case your higherself.

As all this is driven essentially by thought and emotion, a quick way to kill its effects is to formulate another that counteracts the characteristics of the former by denying its existence, or simply doubting it, as for example

For me, you sounded like yourself, because you are YOU, ever present in everything you emit.
The last card played overrules the rest


You don’t say that you are weak. You tell them to fill you with power.

There’s nothing especially rhp about an aura. It just is.

If it is then it’s the best kind of faith. A lot of what passes for faith is still mired in uncertainty.


It’s called electricity, electro-magnetism… when you are employing these practices you are literally attracting charge, stop mystifying the abstract fuck out of it. There are bodies with intelligences which we call demons and angels, but make sure you know the physics of what is happening otherwise you will get lost/confused like this.

If you want some links to material that will teach you these electrical physics concepts, I will gladly disseminate.