Improving tarot skills

Get paper, pen and a tarot deck
Label like so:
M. C. M. M. C. M. M. C. M.
0/1 0. 1 3C
Indicates the guess is a Major, not a court, 1 was actually three if cups. 0/1 is the failed guess category, 1 is what it actually was.

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Move onto minors, so remove all courts and majors aside in a deck. Shuffle the minors well.
In paper, writey two or three columns of W C S D. A 0/1 is first guess but incorrect, 0 is neither, 1 or abbrev is good.
Attempt sending, not relying in external answers.

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Iā€™m not following, do you label first then guess, or guess, label, then mark if the label was correct?

Are you talking about predicting the cards?


Yes. Label paper before shuffling. Sorry about that minor omission.

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