Improving oneself

Pretty straight forward, which Demon from the Ars Goetia would be best suited for area of self improvement? Emotional, Mental, and Physical? Would it be one specific demon or would it be a combination of a couple? I’ve been reading on all 72 and I am kinda lost. Thank You.


I noticed that there are quite a few who are said to give good familiars and have been wondering if that is what may help. I have been working on one for a new car and a place to live and have had the same issues.



The Emotional and Mental arenas are his wheelhouse. Once the mental/emotional is taken care of, he can guide you into making physical changes, such as concerning diet and exercise.


What would you like to achieve in the Emotional and Mental aspects?


Before you jump in please be aware that improvement doesn’t equate to easy. It’s going to be difficult and it’s going to suck quite a bit. If you want it to be real and lasting you will have work to do and it will be worth it. Now.

Emotional; Queen Beleth, Lucifer

Mental: Lucifer, King Paimon

Physical: Belial, Lilith

Good luck :black_heart:


To strengthen both, and put them into balance. My emotions tend to control my whole body.


I’d suggest you work on your chakras, find out if you have some of them out of balance, then balance as needed and maintain them that way

Maybe you don’t need an entity to achieve your goal

From my experience, balanced chakras can give you emotional balance

Just giving my opinion :slight_smile:


How each of these enttiies exactly help in regard to their field of improvement (emotional / mental / physical)?

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Lucifer will draw out all the things you need to work on emotionally. All those things you thought were forgotten or healed? They’re getting cut right open if they’re still affecting you. Grant, he’s gentle about it but that didn’t stop him from throwing me into the unholy baptismal.

Queen Beleth will teach you the power and importance of emotion and how they can assist you. How to use them and not be driven or run by them.

King Paimon shows you alternate reality which is still our own but offers a behind the scenes peak which helps your understanding of how things work.

Lucifer will strip you if falsehood and beliefs that are poisonous to your well being. You won’t be able to tolerate much of them anymore.

Belial is like a drill sargeant. He will push and push and push you beyond what you thought you could do. Like hitting rock bottom, you’ll find out what you’re made of.

Lilith may be a bit more feminine as far as physical well being. She’s awakened the dark goddess in me and dominance I let sleep too long. As a result, it has a physical effect that surrounds me and intoxicates. I don’t see why she couldn’t do this for a male also though.


@AradiaX, I always love your posts there’s something refreshing about them :heart:


@Eye_of_Ra thank you! That means so much to me :heart::blush:!


Thank you! That is very informative! What do you think are the best ways to invoke them? Or should I rather evoke?

@BlackMagik in my opinion I would invoke. Especially if you’ve never worked with them before. Some people think invoking is more dangerous than evoking but I disagree.

To evoke, you are essentially calling an entity to manifest before you. You may or may not be able to tangibly experience them even though they are there.

To invoke, you are taking a piece of their essence INTO you. This also gives you a feel for their energy.

To do so I would write something out like:

I call upon ( insert name) by the divine universal source energy. Hear my request and fill me with your essence to help me ( insert goal here). Let this act be a show of your generosity and power that reigns forever. Blessings be to the name of ( insert name).

Start by vibrating the entities name- vibrating it is important and I won’t get into all the details but it’s empowering and you’ll begin to feel it.

When you begin to invoke, repeat your request 3 times and no more than 9. It also builds up the more you do it so you’ll feel different as you do it more. You may get energized and sleepless too.

Good luck :black_heart::grinning:


Thank you ! I will try tonight with Lucifer! :slight_smile: