Improving my luck with love affairs

Hello everyone.

I got into magick to get this certain girl back. I’m not with her, but it doesn’t matter to me now. But after getting over her and starting dating other girls I’ve came to the conclussion of somthing that I’ve always suspected: that I have terrible luck when it comes to love.

I’m a good looking man and I have what it takes to get women to like me (I mean charisma and stuff). I can get a girl to have sex with, that’s not a problem. The problem is that whenever I start falling for a girl (or even start liking one) something gets in the middle.

I was seeing this new girl for about a month now, we were talking every day and getting along really well when all of a sudden she stopped texting me back, or when she did, she was just very short on words. Anyways after 5 days of this kind of behaviour I got sick and asked her what was wrong, she just said she doesn’t feel like talking to me.

That’s just one quick example of how my love life is . I’m 25 years old and even though I’ve had sex with plenty of women I’ve never had a serious relationship (all the ones I started ended up pretty fast).

What’s wrong with me? What can I do to change this? I’m not in love with his new girl or anything but I’d like to keep seeing her and to get to know her better. And I’d like to change my love life so that I can get a good and healthy relationship with a girl I like once and for all.

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It’s down to personality. A lass will go for charm, good humour, confidence and good looks, but the personality is what makes it last.
Don’t worry about it. Keep meeting lots of women and you’ll eventually meet one you click with. Other than that, how are you texting ? Constantly texting innate shit/having text conversations will kill a lass’ interest every time
Tbh though, why do you want a relationship ? Surely it’s far better to do what ever you want a keep a healthy turn over of new women ? Just relax over it and stop worrying. You’re pulling so it’s all good

Well I’d like to get a relationship to know how it feels like lol. I see guys not better looking than me getting into good relations with pretty girls and it makes me wonder how the hell can they keep a girl when the longer relationship I had was like 6 months.
And regarding this new girl, I feel like there’s something she’s not telling me. I mean I swear to you bro, one day we were planning to go on a date and other kind of stuff and the other she wouldn’t text me back… very weird (I’m guessing there’s an ex boyfriend problematic situation but I don’t really know since she won’t tell me what’s wrong).

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I’m not a huge fan of long term relationships. My advice would be to pick out a few lasses you like and have a friends with benefits kind of thing going. You’re young, far to young to be nailing yourself down.
Worse looking guys always end up in relationships far easier than good looking guys do. I think the big two differences are

  1. they find it harder to get women to sleep with them.
  2. women think they are less likely to be sleeping around and so are happier to commit

Every person I meet instantly assumes I’ve got a few lasses on the go. It’s a blessing, but it means it’s hard to get into a relationship. Just accept it and sleep around. If a lass loses interest, find another.
As a side note, women care a lot less about looks that you think.

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So, what do you want? A long term relationship, or this particular girl?

Deciding the goal will also help with choosing the magick to obtain it.

Personally, I recommend Saspu, the Angel of Love And Friendship, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. He can bring love into your life if that is what you want.

Another spirit I recommend is Tul, from the same grimoire. He can “see the heart’s truth” and can most likely tell you why you cannot seem to hold onto a relationship.


i don´t want to judge you but maybe the girls think you´re too perfect to be credible so they don´t trust you, or maybe you´re not honest with them and they can sense that, i don´t know, read Models by Mark Manson

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Im going to put in my 2 cent here, i think its great how you want a long term relationship with this girl. But, personality and behaviors are something most woman worry more about. I got with my three exs, based on personality only and judge there behavior towards me. Sadly, none of the three worked out in the end cause their behavior. They were usual, nice in the beginning, but, after a while they start to act rude, and unloving to me.

So, don’t lose hope there are other girls out there that would like a long distant relationship.


Yes, I’d like to be on a relationship with this one. I’ll try those entities. Any advice on how to work with them?