Impromptu Ritual tonight

Greeting friends. Been quite a while since I posted. Life has been full of deep lows and extravagant heights, more often then not occurring in the span of one day. Last time I posted was before the solar eclipse, I believe.

I’ve been discovering my own methods, understandings, rituals, and powers and the whole journey of life has brought me to this day. This very moment. Through struggle and strife, I have finally caught a glimpse and sensation of what I believe is truth, and am on my own personal path of enlightenment/self realization.

So, I’m sure you all have been feeling the immensely powerful energy present, especially within the last couple days(it might always be there, this potent, and maybe I’m just not tapping into it). Either way, to me the veil seems to be flying up and I feel this vast and heavy power in my reality. Last night I was made very aware of it, and actually feel like I was attacked by a group of beings. I do not know their intent, but I felt the darkest and most evil parts of my soul and personality being pulled to the front of my mind. It was terrifying and it made me so angry and sad, my options seemed very slim and I was starting to scare myself.

I have learned and realized many things since last night and today is very special. So I want to perform an impromptu ritual tonight under stars, and beside firelight, alone. My Intent is to bring all the influences on all levels of my life, dark or light, left hand or right hand path, and sort of have a council meeting so that I may make my intent and my emotions clear to myself and all those that would interfere in my spiritual path in any way.

After this meeting, I’m going to banish or dismiss all outside entities unless they want to aid me in the next phase of the ritual, where I will communicate my desires to the universe and show my strength of skill and demonstrate how I want to be perceived by the world.

I know its a bit crazy/silly/strange sounding but this is how I operate. I wait for the surge or the rush of energy, when my confidence is strong and my desires are known clearly. Then I act.

Im posting to ask for a few suggestions… The ritual itself will be performed in the flow and the energy of the moment with my will and my desire taking up my entire energy and the circle.

My questions are this:

Is there a special circle that I can conjure up and cast that is known for being a good circle for bringing all energies to the circle? Not just demons or angels, gods or devils, but a circle that welcomes all, but promotes constructive and serious discussion?

I will probably incorporate a guitar and a fire in the ritual in order to reach a strong state of mind and spirit, and also a coherent sort of trance. Do any of you recommend certain notes or chords or patterns that seem to be universally neutral? I know this seems strange or silly, but I’m very experimental and act on intuition and the flow of energy in rituals/performances.

Really, I just want to know if any of you have done similar things and what you found to be beneficial for bringing balance to the circle, while also maintaining the atmosphere of “I’m reasonable, but I’m the boss.”

Haha… Just throw shit at me and I’ll sort through it… Confidence in chaos.


Since it’s very personal, I can only recommen to draw a cyrcle with a stick and with an intention you alredy have.
Also, put down your notes only, I guess you can express what you want better than others.
Good luck!


I appreciate your input friend:) I am just about done with the fire pit center. The circle is drawn for the most part but I left it open for now until I’m done preparing. I also plan on just enjoying the night with some music and some meditation, and probably some writing, until the heaviness in the air becomes almost unbearable like it did last night. :slight_smile:

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Took this when I was starting out around 515pm
Haha looks like a mini stonehenge. Time to gather wood… Haha


Great work, very inspiring.
Let us know about results if you feel like.


I feel like the ritual was very successful… I’m drained and tired today. I spent the whole day preparing for the night. I burned a fire for about 8 hours, and I feel that the space I created is recognized by many forces outside of my general knowledge.

Everything seemed to line up perfectly. During the time I spent focusing on the circle, I felt a deep connection with everything. I looked up to the moon, who cast her spell on the sky and the air, and surrounded herself with whispy clouds that held a very odd yet beautiful shape.

I spoke my intentions, and declared out loud in confidence that the circle is open to all, the only rule being that any entity that decides to enter must do so without negativity or ill intent. It is a space that I believe serves as a physical reminder of the source of all of our power, and serves as a portal between worlds.

I did not invoke, or call out to any demons, angels, gods, or devils. Instead I made it clear that they are all welcome.

Later in the night I experienced a visualization that the circle is a way to summon and download wisdom. This realization made me feel even more confident, and I became very aware of the power that I conjured and consolidated within my space.

My willpower felt as sharp and refined as the edge on Excalibur. I held my staff pointed to the moon and the sky and spoke my desires. These I will leave out because I feel that sharing them now would take away from the power that I used when I sent them out into “reality”. They were all personal, pertaining to my individual path, and I felt that my voice was heard and understood.

When I spoke, I simply talked to the air. In the circle, the energy was that of Oneness, and I had no need to direct any words towards one thing or the other.

I walked around the circle. I tended to the fire. I repeated my will and desire, and I spoke aloud of the reasons I ask for these things.

There was a symbol that appeared in the fire during the ceremony that I feel very familiar with, but do not recognize. Forgive the crude drawing. The symbol was formed by the wood burning in the fire, during a time of highly charged energy and unstoppable momentum. I drew it quickly then moved on. I had a clear purpose for working in the circle, and did not want to get too distracted. I haven’t looked the symbol up personally, but I believe some of you will have some insight you’re willing to share…

The symbol didn’t rotate like I told it to in my camera app. The bottom is the widest section, so just flip the image to the right one time and that’s the orientation that I perceived…

Looks similar to the sigil for Azazel.

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Hm, it really does feel similar. I will keep that in mind. I plan to work this circle again tonight, and I feel like my options are more open now because of the intense work I did last night. I’ll keep my senses alert for any similar signs and go from there. I would not like to be rude if an entity is making the effort to get my attention by accidently ignoring the sign. Hmmmm. Thank you for your insight. :slight_smile:

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You are quite welcome! I have almost missed things before because what I perceived didn’t look EXACTLY the same as what I would recognize. Being open to possibilities in this line of work is usually a good starting point. :wink:

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Just want to reach out and give my thanks to you once more… After your suggestion that the symbol I posted resembles the sigil of Azazel, I couldn’t keep the thought from my mind. The more I thought about it the more it intrigued me. So out here in the desert I decided to do a little necessary Research into Azazel and have concluded that not only was it a symbol of that indicates his very strong presence but that it seems either he’s been trying to reach me or I’ve been trying to reach him unknowingly. The little research that I did today tells me that this is the exact sort of way Azazel introduces himself to a person. I decided to look into other people’s experiences and there are reasons for evoking him, and the amount of synchronicities and downright insane correlations between my experience my needs and the powers that Azazel may bring to the light for the magician are absolutely perfect. Again, through my short dive into the subject, this seems to be a very common way that the magician and Azazel connect initially/finally.

Your suggestion not only gave me the insight I needed to crack the code that was the mysterious symbol in the fire, but it also connected the dots for me and showed me the exact path to take from here in order to achieve the next level in my personal spiritual and magical path.

Tonight I will be evoking Azazel. In a sense, it seems silly because I feel like he has been guiding me for quite some time. Perhaps it is now the time that Azazel and I become formally acquainted, and begin working together with both parties aware of and contributing to the work being done. This is a truly intense experience, yet at the same time I can’t be surprised. This is the way it is. Azazel is my kind of guy. I will not only seek guidance and wisdom through our association, but also friendship/kinship. Such a fun and mischievous way to finally shake hands.

Again, thanks.


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Also, in a strange way, I don’t expect the evokation to be successful or a failure. In a way, I feel like he’s been here the whole time. Maybe tonight will be just a time to revel in celebration of our knowledge and power.

Damn, I wish I had some beer to mark the occasion. Haha.


I’m so happy for you that you were able to connect with Azazel. I wish you continued success on your path. Glad I was able to help. :slight_smile:

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