Imprisoned spirits

I heard about spirits being imprisoned under rocks and mountains from couple of books that are connected to certain abrahamic religions, i heard as well from some occult guy. Is it true or its not true ? Is it in physical dimmension or astral ??

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I’ve heard stories about that and have seen some anecdotal evidence but not enough to make that assertion.

Interesting, in Jewish mystic traditions and Egyptian magick phalactries has a different functions, like to protect the magicians from the wrath of the spirits and more so the gods.

I prefer to use the word “Vessel.”. It is neutral. It can be a Prison, a Heaven, a Phylactery or anything similar.

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In the Astral only. Now said person may have given it a physical location to Layer the Astral over a physical location or vessel…but it is still The Astral.

I get you now, a bit like satanisms black mass style.

To clarifie that statement was in response to the op.
There were legends that magicians eons ago trapped troublesome spirits into a mountain so that they stop harming regular people for no reason.
Fast forward to modern day, government needed to extend highways and road works so drilled tunnels through the mountains, there was a sharp increase in traffic accidents in the area compared to other parts as well as an increase in psychological problems of people in the near by cities.
Again this is all hearsay mixed with folklore mixed with whatever worst case scenario people concocted so I cannot state for a fact that this is true, only I can’t think of a reason why there would be such an increase in problems without any logical explanation for that.


Form my experience with nature spirits, some are willingly binded to minerals, plants or bodies or water while others inhabit a specific area (large or small). I’m sure it’s a similar case with mountains, especially if it holds a crystal or metal deposit.

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Yep. I recently listened to Thomas Sheridan talk about an experience he had with a “djinn bottle”. When all was said and done he determined a nature spirit was exactly what he had trapped. I believe he said he used snow quartz for the bottle’s construction.

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I personally have bound an angel and was given a parasite that was bound to a stone before

In many Asian traditions such as in Thailand, there are spirit houses created for ghosts and land spirits there. In other traditions, the spirits were attached to the land, to people, to concepts, to houses, and to the heavens (aka the astral plane). So in a way, we are surrounded by vessels.

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That should mean our body is merely a vessel too…?

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