Imprinting on Objects


I’m excited.


Hahahaha. I can totally see this. EA pitching this with a totally straight face and giving it a sinister vibe. Then there’s the upcoming magic underwear course. I would totally pay for that. Lol.


Happy Enchanting. :mage: :crystal_ball:


I’m fairly certain that if I hadn’t cleansed that coin that a haunting of sorts would have resulted. So yes I would say that it’s certainly possible. I’m addition to the method of charging that I have above, an alternate way to charge an object is to evoke a spirit and either bind it to the object or have the spirit charge the object.


Reminds me of the scene in the first Thor movie when Odin whispers to Thor’s hammer: “whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”



It’s pretty similar.

From what i remember of the comics they explore this more than the movies with a few people. Another occult reference towards this would be vibrational imprinting of energy and polarization in the lantern series. In that they explore various aspects of the color and emotional spectrum. They don’t go over every facet but it does give some really good insights.

If you take into consideration that “thoughts and idea are things” and “symbols are either a gate or a key” on the astral it provides some interesting insights.


Possible, but I tend to ignore objects too much, but lately have noticed that my ignoring was not a good thing. I am more apt to wash or smudge things now than ever before. Yep, vibes tend to stick to stuff. :wink:


How would you cleanse energy that’s left from blood or semen? Typical salt water and Florida water cleanses aren’t doing the trick.


The myths of attached objects, can an energy form or spirit change at will into an object a so-called supernatursl boobytrap and wait until its next victim arrives.

What i have learned from objects that have supposedly a spirit force attached to them is that it is the owner of the item who attaches there own beliefs or emotional state to the object and in turn believes that any misfortune or negative energy, feelings that befall them is supposedly released from the object.

There are many throries on attached objects none of them are true. I have read many stories of a strange doll or ring thst was purchased at a thrift store and mystetiously soon after they bought the item many strange events occur.

Even after they discard the item they are still being haunted or attacked. They are victims of a hex or other events that have nothing to do with the object. If you buy something new or used it is not the object or spirit releasing itself on you (reminds me of Aladdin) but other factors that do NOT pertain to the object.


Depending on what it is and what it’s been used for it might be better to just get a new one, an example i have a athame and a few other tools i use specifically for baneful magick, they serve no other purpose and i probably couldn’t get the energy out of them now unless i threw them into the ocean for a couple of decades or go through the trouble of calling upon a very powerful entity known for exorcism and purification…Nah, i’d rather get or make new ones.


Damn. So that means I’d have to kill the people I used for the ritual and throw out my washing machine. FUCK! Sex magic is a pain in the ass.


So…Are you saying you like fucked your washing machine? :confused:

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Can you provide any details, so we can get a better idea of what you’re dealing with? What rituals you were doing, what entities you were working with? That kind of thing.