Imprinting on Objects


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Worthy of a bookmark


Definitely reading that book. When I was in Jr. high I experimented with Psi Balls. Energy manipulation has always called to me. Taoist Internal Yoga etc, couldn’t really feel much with it but I knew something was going on


“Lucky” and powerful clothes might have been the start of magick though, people dressing in the hides of the animals they killed, and some “felt” different - pre-literate people would be all-in on that feeling and not bother trying to talk themselves out of it, if they both felt it AND it observably worked.


Absolutely don’t overlook this. Any additional energy you put into something will amplify what’s already there. I once put energy into a coin as an experiment but I didn’t cleanse it first. Hours later i was awakened in the night because of a nightmare. The energy in the room was absolutely vile and it had percolated into my dreams. I did an impromptu cleansing and all was well.


Could a coin be imbued with a money drawing ability I wonder.


Yes. That’s actually what I was doing in the above experiment.


Any success afterwards?


I love thought trains like this. I think I watched a Grant Morrison video about the origins of sigils likely being pictograms/cave drawings. It makes sense that our mind thinks in images and words (Neuro Linguistic Programing is an amazing rabbit hole that’s basically emotional alchemy and a form of Magick all on its own)

“Every generation has its magicians” Including pre-speech


It resulted in additional business so I would say so.


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I’m going to attempt this, seems I’ve been oozing money instead of growing it.


After imbued, did you carry it? What was the process.


The honeyjar format of ritual an example of imprinting through vibrational and symbolic resonance combined with the energetic imprint put into it by the operator.

Then the candles burnt upon it project the imprinted energy out. At least this is how it has seemed to me with the one i made.

You could a format like this the ones in israel regardie’s book on talismans to imprint specific energies,intent ect to to object.


I’m a nutshell:

Cleansing with whatever method you use. The central idea is to render the item neutral or at least free of influence not in accordance with your will.

Channel energy into the object. It isn’t necessary to channel it into your own body first. Just imagine the power coming down and condensing into the object. Do that for as long as you can or until you sense that the item is fully charged.

Once this is done you then impregnate the item with your desire. You are at this point telling the item what you want it to do but you are doing it both with imagining the end result and words.


And yes I did carry it.


Hide it in your wallet so it will be easier to forget about it, you know law of least expectant and all that.


And i’ve been meaning to bring this up for a while. If anyone is feeling depression or anxiety link them that video or this thread and do exactly what E.A. does, physically clean your area/home then spiritually cleanse it, really is amazing how easily moods can be fixed by it.

There, good deed done for the decade, now back to the evil shit! :smiling_imp:


Could an object be cursed to encourage a haunting?


Yes you can do this.