Impotency of spells and rituals because of pressing thoughts

Hello, I trust that you are fine. I am a black magician. I have a serious issue right now. I cannot turn my focus and energy on something else whenever I perform a ritual for a simple goal.

Even after spells. I had one hundred percent success whenever I did this in the near past. I live at home. And right now I am doing a transformation. I don’t go out for distraction. I go out only for jogging.

The case is that angels, or archangels, or ascended masters have been guiding me. Whenever I think about that particular goal, they ring a constant sound in my ears so that I think about something else, but it is not working.

I will not give up. I want you to tell me if there is anything that you can do or say to help me. Or just some advices. I have worked with entities like King Paimon, Azazel, Lord Kiltan, Grah aht talion, Pendralion, Sallos and Dantalion from the Goetia, Kret, Frogh la tasch, my favorite Demoness Ladilok and many more for the past two months. I have a servitor as well.

But I guess the only hindrance I have I guess is my own thoughts. Please help me.

Can you like do a spell or a ritual for me so that I can divert my mind and attention to the trust I can put in you for the manifestation of my goal ? I will forever be grateful and I will be here anytime that you need me.

I am getting a job in a bank next week and I will have my mind completely distracted but I cannot wait a week. Her birthday is just next week. I have dated this woman for over three years and this month we were supposed to get engaged. But she cheated on me.

Yet, I still want her because I know her way to well and I can not look at any other woman the way that I look at her and I don’t even care about other women looking at me, feeling attracted to me. It’s not an obsession, it’s just that I really like her and I enjoy her company.

My life is transforming at the moment and I know if she gets back, I can of like make her accomplish her goals and drive her to her own success. Kind of like the greater good for the both of us.

The last time I heard of her, she was constantly calling at my place, my dad said that I do not live here anymore. But she kept calling. I picked up and she said that she fucking loves me. But I did not say that I missed her. I even told her that we are going to address everything that happened in a Court.

I hung up on her. It might have kind of pissed the spirits that were working with me for that particular moment but I could not have confessed anything that I did on the phone. First off, it is already being tapped and secondly, she could be recording it as a confession for the court, or it could have been a live radio podcast, trying to frame me. My whole family is under investigation.

Reason why I am not going out. Reason why I am working so hard to transform my body for anything that might happen because I know that we are being monitored. But my ascended masters told me to go for anything in life, they are right by my side. That’s why I am not scared of anything.

Could you please please help me, so I can really focus on you actualising my desires than the desires itself ? I really need your help.