Imposters, vampyres and leeches

What are the signs that imposter spirit/s are attacking me and are ruining or possessing me?

Possession isn’t really that simple, however. Most imposter spirits or leeches will claim they’re multiple well know beings to leech off, or like other leeches feed on you through fear and latch to your energy body.


What does it mean they will claim they are multiple

For example sure some beings are the same person such as Vili/Hoenir or Loki/Vé. However, some imposter entities will claim say Lucifer and Yahweh are the same or Lucifer and Michael, etc. basically when imposters claim to be both or more entities for the sole purpose of using your experience of it to spread it and leech off the energy accumulated. Be it a real entity posing as them or a thoughtform you normally find in the astral trying to gain power.


Do you know something else about these spirits?

He imposter entities? Usually will tell you what you want to hear or along those lines, however, those are mostly the thoughtforms. Real entities acting as imposters are capable of being a bit a smarter than that. However, they will tend to mimic something noteworthy in the being mythology be it noteworthy personality traits, claiming specifics to their titles, but the actual God or Goddess will be capable of things beyond their titles. Same with some demons or angels, you’d be better off asking their skills rather than going off pure mythology.