Hi everyone

I saw my madrina this weekend and she mentioned something to me called imposter syndrome

Apparently it’s when you always fee l like a fraud deep down inside. Example - you are a lawyer but deep down you don’t feel like your a “real lawyer” almost like your Larping lol

And she told me not to feel like this especially when it comes to being a bruja she told me to own it and walk in it!

I thought it was good advice and I hadn’t heard of imposter syndrome.

So if you are struggling with that keep your head up, you’re the real deal!


Lovely bit of encouragement.

Best wishes :black_heart:

It’s the opposite of dunning Kruger where you’re overconfident with very little knowledge or experience eg the student who thinks because they’ve paid money for a course that this automatically qualifies them for a 1st class award despite zero effort, attendance, respect etc and then they blame the university!

It comes from the lemon juice tip, namely a bank robber was told that lemon juice was used as invisible ink, so he used that instead of a mask, then wondered why he was caught…