Imposter or Not? (My Experience With Demonic Forces)

NO I am not just butt hurt from the time people were saying my Lilith was an imposter a few weeks back.
I hear this ongoing BS all the time even now. I think it is quite toxic and I have a few insights that might help this situation.

First you aren’t going to like hearing this but I think people are often in denial that a demon can be bad because we don’t want to admit the demon we work with can have such negative traits in someone else that works with them.

Perhaps it is better to take an inventory of both the positive things people say about a spirit as well as the negative. Because let’s face it, these beings can have a wide spectrum of how and who they are

So far I am finding when people say good stuff about a demonic being I find my experience’s often line up but the same can be said for the negative experiences, inseverable cases already I am finding both are accurate.

I also ask you this why would these powerful demons allow some low level piece of shit parasite imposter smear their name? I believe this concept is TOTALLY preposterous! However…
I wouldn’t say that demonic impostering doesn’t happen, but from my experiences it will be a pool of demons playing that they are each other, for some silly game every now and again but by in large the demons we call are the demons we get. Sometimes we however get more than we ask for.

Also on the other hand if you experience a certain energetic signature that alone isn’t enough to confirm that it is actually them. Think of it as a song or ringtone or mask that they wear. I have experienced them coming with an energetic signature and turning it down or off entirely once I embrace it and from there we just talk. I have experienced them changing the signature all together and before you say “Uh huh” there it is, proof you are dealing with an imposter. They have showed me how to have demonic signatures my self. They basically have these energetic states created and put in tanks that they surround their aura with, so that being said…

The real problem we actually face if one can just open their eyes to it is “mazing.”
I have worked very closely with many demons and have learned a lot of new terms and in the future I will probably right a little mini urban dictionary of demonic slang, but for today lets discuss mazing.
Mazing is when you are thrown in to a confusing maze or labyrinth of lies or confusion by the demons. Us having to discuss if it is an imposter and us spending this much time arguing over what is and isn’t true is simply an example of mazing.

I am seeing a rise of this, this year.

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Doing the energetic work is ‘suicide girl’
that’s demonic slang for it’s really dangerous you should probably stay away from it yourself I don’t recommend it, it comes with lots of dangers and challenges it is “suicide…Girl!” Like that suicide … girlfriend, like valley girl talk.

Yeah anyways those are my thoughts on it.

Because more times than not the names we physically call them aren’t their real name and an imposter doesn’t affect their life, it affects the life of the one that fell for the imposter. Lilith for example has enough responsibilities running what she has to than to worry about a random individual in another plane.

Not to say she doesn’t care about certain individuals here, and no one can really speak for her so this is really just my own opinion, why would she care about it? we have people here who steal our identities but it affects us worse than if an imposter were to claim they are her to us. It doesn’t affect her livelyhood, her family, her dominion, it only affects the practitioner.

Now I do agree many of these demons who people are so quick to attack a newbie on for being negative can very well be negative. Lilith can be parasitic if she wants, Belial can attack someone if he wants, hell if people believe Yahweh attacks people a God then a demon is no where out of the possibility.


Yes, lilith is busy slaving away at her 9 to 5 six days out of the week. :joy:



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It is toxic but it really doesn’t matter what other people think. The important thing is what you’ve learned from the experience you had.

I’ve noticed that a lot of occultists tend to approach demons in the same way they do people. It would be foolish to assume that every person you come across is going to like you and I would say the same thing applies to the infernal if you have this approach.

People do this in grimoires or when they post their upg online. Regardless, you should be skeptical about what other people say because a lot of magicians tend to get elated by stroking their own egos.

A lot of demons people evoke command legions of spirits. It’s not out of the ordinary for one of the spirits they command to show up. This doesn’t necessarily make them an imposter/parasite that’s going to screw you over. You’re the magician and it’s your job to discern what’s going on and take the proper actions.

Some demons cause confusion. Working with chaotic and destructive energies can have that effect on a person. Figure out what proper precautions you need to take before you evoke something.

Plus if you’re worrying about evoking an imposter or parasite you’re probably going to evoke one. So if that’s even on your mind before the ritual then I would say don’t bother. You have to be clear with your intent and that includes what you’re thinking.


It’s only toxic because while yes certain people jump to parasite calling within the forum it’s a very good reason to ask and make sure as there was a flux of parasites on the forum. To see people wanting to be cautious as toxic is only brought on by in my opinion a person’s inability to take criticism that gets them thinking and to make sure.

While in the end it all falls to you on what you do, it still should be taken with some grain of salt on the advice given, calling yourself a practitioner doesn’t exactly mean you’re doing what you think you’re doing.


Then why start with this? Seriously.

Well, we don’t evoke them for pats on the back, do we?

Saga, you seem like to go off on rants every week or two and they seem to be more about letting out your emotions than anything else. You should consider a journal. That way, they’re collected in one spot and patterns over time can be seen more easily.

Best of luck.


There’s nothing wrong with being cautious but it becomes toxic when everyone starts believing that the boogyman is going to get them.

The imposter/parasite talk is counterproductive and is treading along the lines of borderline hysteria. And it’s really putting newer people at a disadvantage here because when they’re supposed to be confident in their abilities they’re busy worrying themselves to death about parasites and imposters.


It’s not really counterproductive as it also helps newbies learn to start with defenses instead of jumping right into contacting entities then later asking “is _ mad at me” or “how do I know if _ heard me” etc.

Confidence is fine to have but the newbie is better off with actual skills and direction than someone feeding them bs like they need to be talked to like babies.

A lot of newbies who had parasite problems took into learning shielding and the likes before reinitiating contact which is what they’re suppose to do. Again better to be up front and have them know the risks then to tell them “hurhur dont worry about it” either way they learn next time to protect themselves, the basics of energy work is shielding in the first place. There’s a difference between learning something and constantly whining from criticism.

Just because you feel it unnecessary doesn’t mean it’s not, many want to speak to the entity not to something they created or something that isn’t what it claims. While parasites are often not as common it’s still not impossible.

And in this case of this thread Norse already said what I wanted to in that right so there’s no need for me to go further there.


Just call on Lord Yeesch before an evocation.

You have to learn how to walk before you can run. So I agree on the fact that people need to learn the basics before they start evoking spirits. I just don’t think the problems people are having with evocation is because imposter/parasitic spirits are showing up. I think they’re doing something wrong which is causing this to happen.

Trusting your abilities is important when you’re using will to manifest something. I would say will is the most important thing a magician needs to learn how to use and without confidence those abilities you’re talking about would be rendered useless. You need to be confident in yourself and your abilities to will something into existence.

If they took evocation seriously and did their research then they would know the proper precautions. Most grimoires cover shielding, binding, protective circles, etc. I’m assuming people who are doing evocations have some kind of understanding on how an evocation ritual works because it’s pretty advanced compared to what you’ll find in your bargain shelf occult book at Barnes and Noble.

I never said it was unnecessary to learn the basics. Sure they want to speak to the spirit they’re evoking. I’m just pointing out that some of these spirits command legions and it’s not out of the ordinary for one of them to show up.

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Is there some kind of schedule? Because lilith is booked up for the month. Maybe I can get her on Tuesday if blacksun666 cancels his morning evocation with her…

If people are limiting the demonic in such rudimentary ways then it’s pretty clear to me why people are having so many issues. The demonic are aspects of something much bigger than what we experience on the day to day. To humanize them is a pretty big mistake.

Yeah, norse had a pretty solid post.


That’s not exactly why and I disagree but then again I do not come from a mindset of over exaggerating a beings existence simply because they are not human or on our plane of existence. But yes these beings have lives, jobs, responsibilities not all of them own legions and simply because bi-location is a thing doesn’t mean much no matter how bad someone wants to complain otherwise. To humanize isn’t a mistake because they experience things just as humans do, to think otherwise in my opinion is the mistake but then again I do not evoke I actually go to them within the etheric so of course experiences differ.


Sounds like an imposter to me. :joy: Lol.

The Lilith I know is free from even her own sanity.
Saying Lilith has lots of responsibility is a bit of a stretch - she does what she wants
She is the most chaotic spirit I have evoked, including Satan and Andras by far!
If you get her sweet side you don’t see this side.

PLUS all these spirits have an ability to bi locate and be everywhere at once.

This leads to problem of banishing that seems to escape people, the spirits basically leave for a few seconds providing little more than a bit of space and then they come back and quite down. I’m not saying don’t learn the LBRP exactly but I recently posted about how we need better than that.

And maybe it’s an okay time to say @anon39079500 I try to be open minded about what people say and so you could be right that I am more emotional than I realize but what I would really like to say here is I work at pathworking very in depth with some of the most powerful demons single day and lately we have been doing lots of shadow work, combing over my practice and I have been really learning from my success’s and perhaps even more from my mistakes and I do care, I care a lot about the community even though I don’t feel heard a lot, but obviously I have a perspective that is unique
and as Lucifer told me today “we fight for our frames of reference” So I get why people want to believe that spirits are limited and can’t bilocate, or worse really believe in the hysteria, I have been finding I am ‘hurt’ by the fact that this hysteria is limiting and derailing our conversation from taking off to the next level and that’s where I would like to be going here.

I am happy to see some people @3rd_Eye_Drops is arguing what I am sort of saying and is better at reaching people than I am. Still not as popular as super sane Lilith with 9-5 responsibilities but hey, maybe we are slowly waking up to realizing that this is largely as hysteria that derails conversation.

Personally I don’t like that when myself or others has a greater point and the conversation stops because maybe it’s an imposter so the whole thing becomes discredited and we will throw the baby out with the bathwater

I think this can really be said for newbies coming on to the site, don’t you think? If summoning a demon isn’t a bit overwhelming enough chances are they’re going to get an imposter parasite too?

Maybe they should just not start and make servitors or something, these spirits are in fact very tricky but why should we scoff at them and pat ourselves on the back as though we have this all figured out.

But hey we are all fighting for our frames of reference, so when we do that instead of humbling ourselves, being mindful and coming into black magick with that approach…
Best of luck to us all.

Did I?
Perhaps I can bring this topic back by a story that gives a twist on this whole phenomenon.
So I managed to pick up a parasite once upon a time, and it would bite and claw at my chakras and it really hurt. Once he told me: “you can’t get rid of me, you need me”

It started to die down after many months and a lot of new demonic evocations later and then one day I evoke this one demon that was pretty high ranking only to discover… It was you all this time.

Every time I see one of you say that your spirits would let you know if there was an imposter or parasite, I think the following things, then can’t figure out how to get anyone to listen- that they wont. But I finally found someone who says it better than I can…

Relaxing into Your Being: The Taoist Meditation Tradition of Lao Tse, Volume 1 (Water Method of Taoist Meditation): Frantzis, Bruce, Josephs, Stephen: 9781556434075: Books

Spirits close to me have let me fck up more times than I count. For a while I thought wow, why didn’t they tell me


Don’t like this post too huh?
That other one that was deleted was pretty crappy.
I think this one does add value.

We shouldn’t dismiss others by saying it’s just a parasite. I have experiences that are informative. I have found they sometimes imposter amongst each other sometimes but don’t let some low level minion or astral parasite imposter, as well as informing people that there is a wide range of tricks that could be going on in these instances.

I will give this post a like as it provides insight for my situation and the sort of goals I have and do think there is some good advice here.

I guess I have been a bit of a stickler for this issue because I see a lot of non newbies dismissing people because they are offering experiences on demons that don’t fit their frame of reference.

We should also be aware that sometimes the student often does become the teacher and for good reason.

@Lady_Eva does this post really need to be taken down? I do express my experiences, more than just the story at the end, I feel it does offer value and sort of feel @norse900 removing it is sort of making many points here confirmed. I have had other topics like get way more off topics by moderators none the less like my life after death topic became a thread about inferno mermaid ubis for example.

I think even though I tried to express a point I do express my experiences that differ from how the forum normally views things. My point is I care about the spiritual growth of the community and @Keteriya does in fact make some good points but it misses the point when I see people dismissing things for being outside peoples frame of reference, I think people are often dealing with the real spirits and we are dismissing them and hurting them and ourselves by dismissing their experiences. How do we warn students of the bigger things when we stop them at 'oh silly you, it’s an imposter?"

I am feeling very dismissed to get into a debate with @norse900 and end it with him taking it down.

You warn them and move on with your day imop. Sometimes it’s rather clear that it’s an imposter or parasite and not a test. Tests have a distinct feeling and pattern, and after a few you can easily discern which is which for you personally.

I understand what you are saying about sometimes dismissing things before we should, but you are forgetting that we very recently had a forum member that was intentionally spreading parasites. It took nearly 3 months to track down who it was, and then it was only because most of what he was doing was being done as offerings of free familiars, free rituals, free readings and scans. At first we just noticed the increase in those things, and had no idea it was happening on purpose. Helping those people who didn’t know how to handle it and tracing back who was experiencing an infection and noticing they all had free work done by this magician, was actually how it was discovered.

Most of the discussion for this was not public however. It was mostly in pms, though occasionally a lounge post as many of the regulars were involved in trying to get people the rather basic help they needed.

The individual was trying to drum up business for his occult practice. He would help them for something free, send them imposters and parasites, then when they had issues that took 1-4 weeks to show up, he’d pm them and offer to help them for a price.

We aren’t intentionally being phobic, it’s just that people like that are all over, including here. The best thing we can do is advocate safety, talk about normal trial and test situations and help people be aware of the negatives. Some of us do speak up about the bad experiences, but usually those posts don’t get many views or likes. Trust me I’ve tried. Offer something free though? I’m guaranteed to get plenty of likes and views. :woman_shrugging:

Stirring the drama pot however, doesn’t actually help your agenda. The more you argue against legit need for awareness and basics, or seem to- the more you discredit yourself as the impression you give is the opposite of experienced, and it comes across as a rampage and attempt to validate your practice.

If you’re practice is sound, there is no need to validate it to anyone, be it here or anywhere else. The type of posts you make trying to do so though, actually lead to the responses you get, that you dislike so hard :slight_smile:

I’ll add it’s possible we are missing some encounters with legitimate entities, however that’s where I try to remind people that they are the operator, and if an entity is doing something flaky, you need to remember that and not become their food. Real entities can, do and will use people. That is why it is important to maintain operatorship. They are the spirit, you are the operator. It needs to be clear. I’ve said it many times, but you never seem to be around for those.